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Discussion in 'MacBook Air, MacBook & MacBook Pro' started by Kev, Feb 15, 2009.

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    HI everyone, its been a long time since I posted in the forums but I hope the mods and experts can advise me on this:

    Both my Airport Extreme and Bluetooth module are malfunctioning.

    In the case of the Airport, after about 5-10 minutes of surfing the connection to the server and internet just stops working. When I run network diagnostics, everything from the Airport settings to the ISP settings are green, but the server and internet are yellow. When I attempt to manually connect with my wireless network, and enter the password again (which is strange as my mac never seems to remember my password even if I save it on my keychain), the airport reconnects. Then the problem repeats every 10-15 minutes or so and annoys the hell out of me. Take note, this problem happens with ANY wireless network, whether my own home network or outside.

    My Bluetooth on the other hand also intermittently deactivates itself. There are times its on and it works, while at other times it says that "bluetooth is not available" and when I open my hardware profile it says that I don't even have Bluetooth hardware!

    Here's some info about my Airport Extreme:
    AirPort Card Information:

    Wireless Card Type: AirPort Extreme (0x168C, 0x86)
    Wireless Card Locale: Worldwide
    Wireless Card Firmware Version:
    Current Wireless Network: The Network
    Wireless Channel: 1

    and for my Bluetooth card:

    Apple Bluetooth Software Version: 2.1.3f8
    Hardware Settings:
    Address: 00-16-cb-21-5e-a4
    Manufacturer: Cambridge Silicon Radio
    Firmware Version: 1965
    Bluetooth Power: On
    Discoverable: Yes
    HCI Version: 3 ($3)
    HCI Revision: 1965 ($7ad)
    LMP Version: 3 ($3)
    LMP Subversion: 1965 ($7ad)
    Device Type (Major): Computer
    Device Type (Complete): Macintosh Portable
    Composite Class Of Device: 3670284 ($38010c)
    Device Class (Major): 1 ($1)
    Device Class (Minor): 3 ($3)
    Service Class: 448 ($1c0)
    Requires Authentication: No

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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