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Discussion in 'MacBook Air, MacBook & MacBook Pro' started by carlozesteban, Dec 25, 2009.

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    I was irritated with my MBP 13.3" a while ago because of the higher temp (10-15C more than usual) it was giving me. Also, the fan gives this whirling sound louder than what is usual... so what I did was to reset the SMC. The sound has gone down a bit but it still gives me a higher temp than i used to have.

    After reading stuff over the net and trying different apps to control the fan speed, i was still quite unsuccessful with my attempts to lower down the temp. And so i tried stress testing it instead and see where and what will i get... hehehe...

    the highest temp iStat gave me was 105C @ ~3100RPM. (at this point, I was thinking the temp will go higher and then shutdown :D) but then after few minutes, the temp went down and hovered around ~78C @ ~3000RPM.

    When i felt that the temp stabilized, i gracefully stopped my stress test. :)

    Few minutes more, it came around ~70C @ ~2500RPM yehey! (coz this is my usual idle temp) It seems like the stress test did something good for me :)

    Anyway, that's it, if any of you wants to try the stress test i did, just do the following:

    1. Open two sets of Terminal.app
    2. Run 'yes > /dev/null' in each terminal window
    3. Wait for the CPU to reach its highest temp, then it will go down soon after.
    4. To stop, just close the two terminal windows

    Note: Step #2 will make your CPU use as much process as it could.

    Happy stress testing and merry christmas to all!

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