UltraHD (4K) TV

Discussion in 'Third party hardware, software and accessories' started by ice, Jan 3, 2014.

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    That's unfortunate. I almost pulled the trigger on the Samsung NU8000 series locally but its lack of Dolby Vision has me thinking twice. The TCL would've been another nice option next to the SONY, but I only want to go for the ones rated well by RTINGS.

    Where do you guys get your TVs other than the Abensons and Ansons we have here? I used to check out the AV Shops in Shangri-La Mall all the time but they have dwindled over the past few years.
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    fyi, I like the Xiaomi 4K TVs
    Great video quality
    And it's just P44K for 55" HDR variant
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    <Not 4K>


    Devant is holding a sale on August 15th.

    PHP 15k for a 49" 1080p HDTV + ISDB-T Digital Antenna.

    For the size, it ain't a bad deal. Hopefully it has optical out or HDMI ARC so that I can pair a SONOS Beam to it.
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    Nothing wrong with the TCL TVs, best bang of the buck TVs you can buy right now, internals are the same... it's just the software that differs in territories it gets sold at. Anywhere outside the US uses Android TV... I feel the TVs need more RAM so I use it with an Apple TV to make my experience better.
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    Same here. I need an excuse to buy a 4K TV. The last time I had an unauthorized purchase was when I was supposed to buy a Subaru Tribeca, but went home with an STI. She didn't talk to me for an entire week. A TV offense would probably take a whole day. I can take the silence, I just can't take what comes next.
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    Mm... bought a 65” TCL P2 UHD (2017 model) for Php 43,500.00 (Anson’s Makati). Comparable Samsung, Sony and LG costs from PHP 90 to 120K. Used the savings to pair it with a proper 5.1 system - Onkyo SR 373 AV receiver, Wharfedale floorstanders, center, satellites and a subwoofer (The Listening Room Megamall). No ARC on the LED TV so I used an optical cable instead of HDMI for proper audio. I just don’t believe soundbars. They are inferior. For content streaming, the Apple TV 4K....of course!

    Waiting for price of 85” sets to come down to reasonable level (18 to 24 months?) before upgrading. By that time, 8K Rez and + 100” sets will be the new standard and sub-100” 4K HDR sets (Qled, Oled and Led) will be substantially cheaper. I love being behind the curve. Lots of savings.
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