Transcend DrivePro 550 Dash Cam

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    The Transcend DrivePro 550 is a dual-lens dash camera designed to provide both drivers and passengers a sense of security during driving. Unlike traditional dash cameras, the DrivePro 550 records two separate videos simultaneously in real-time.


    The front lens of the camera uses a Sony Exmor image sensor for a wide field of view and clear night time images in 1080p30fps resolution. The rear camera that records the interior of the vehicle, on the other hand, is using a 180-degree rotatable rear lens equipped with infrared LEDs for nighttime and low light conditions.

    The camera itself comes with a high endurance 64-gigabyte Transcend MicroSD card, car mounting adapter, and power cable that plugs directly into your car.

    Other features of this dash cam include Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows you to have access to real-time footage playback and download using the DrivePro mobile app. This means it would be easier to retrieve footage from the camera when you need to report and incident without removing the memory card of the device.

    It also has a built-in GPS for geotagging content, so it would be easier to know the exact location where an untoward incident occurred when needed, working in tandem with identifying time-stamps.

    Upon setting up the camera (which, by the way, is a quick and easy process), we took a couple of videos driving around Makati area in both daytime and nighttime. The shots on broad daylight are clear and crisp and during night time, the images remained sharp and still being able to capture important details such as plate numbers of other cars.

    The videos on the front camera came out good, as well, and could capture the interior of the car easily. In low-light situations, however, the video capture went into some kind of night vision mode using infrared LEDs and is still able to capture clearly what’s happening inside the vehicle.

    This product works great for capturing untoward incidents while driving at any time of the day without sacrificing picture quality. I would highly recommend this product to taxis, Grab and Uber drivers, as well as bus drivers who are always on the road and are regularly transporting commuters around the metro.

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