The Headphones / In-Ear Monitors Thread (Merged)

Discussion in 'Musicians and DJs' started by macxchange, Mar 14, 2007.

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    Mm...boom! Dan Clark of Mr. Speakers strikes again. All new driver design. Custom cable included. Initial impressions out of Rocky Mountain Audio Fest/CanJam 2018 in Denver are positive. Think Sennheiser HD 800-level clarity.....with warmth with the weighty notes that planer magnetics are well known for......and.....wait for is 100 grams lighter than the already light HD 800. The design is very similar to the Mr. Speakers VOCE electrostatic headphones that I was able to audition at Egghead Audiohub (gorgeous, estat sound, similar to the Stax 007).


    And from Manley Labs (a storied name in hifi audio), this gorgeous all-tubes headphone amp (with line-level preamp), the Absolute Headphone Amplifier:


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    ^I ordered the Ether Flow upgrade kit. Alas, they sent it to the default address (PH), instead of the other address I thought I specified. Chances are, it'll be held up in PH Customs, even if the kit is only worth $50. Grrr.

    Anyway, I am weaning myself out of head-fi, for a life-changing reason, which will be revealed here in a few weeks. I shall return to head-fi someday, but the prudent action now is abstinence. :D Abangan! :)
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    2,801 baby, baby Focal Utopia is back from the US. Focal France replaced my 3 year old unit na nagka-defect with a brand new unit (no questions asked, zero bullshit replacement policy). Had a problem with customs. Ang daming hinihingi documentary requirements. Held up close to a week.

    Beautifully driven by the Chord Hugo 2.

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