Subscribed Calendars on Mobileme (Workaround)

Discussion in 'OS X and OS X Apps' started by hexinary, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. hexinary

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    Dec 21, 2007
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    As we all know at the moment, mobileme doesnt push subscribed calendars to the mobileme server. So if you have a subscribed calendar, it will not show on, and ofcourse you will not see it on your iphone. This probably one of the down side of mobileme.

    I was chatting with dominiquejames awhile and he inspired me to look for a workaround on this..So i came to this logic, what if we can make the subscribed calendars as a normal calendar so that it will be pushed by mobileme. So here is the method i did..

    So lets start..
    What you'll need: account
    2.Spanning Sync ( )

    *Remove all your subscribed calendars on your ical.
    *Create a NEW calendar. (Name it as the same name as the subscribed calendar)
    *Quit ical
    *Go to
    *login with your gmail account
    *You will now see a calendar after loggin in.
    *On the lower left part, you should see "ADD" button.
    *click on "ADD" then choose "Add by URL"
    *A new window will appear and you are ask to type a URL
    *Type the subscribed address there.. ex. webcal://
    *Then click on "Add" button
    *You should be able to see the subscribed calendars now on the google calendar.(if not, logout and login)
    *Close Google and install Spanning Sync
    *Ones installed you can access it on System Preferences
    *Once you open Spanning Sync, you will be on "account and schedule" tab
    *Click "sign in" then type your gmail account and password
    *You can set it to sync every 1min.
    *Then go to the "calendars" tab
    *There will be 2 columns there. "ical calendars" and "google calendars"
    *On the Left column put a check on the New calendar you just created awhile ago.
    *On the right column, click the "up and down" arrow and select the subscribed address.
    *click on Sync now Button on lower left.
    *after syncing check your ical, and you should have the events of the subscribed calendar on the "new calendar" that you created.
    *Now, do the normal mobileme sync..
    *check if you see the new calendar there with the events..

    haaay.. haba.. anyway, if you have question, feel free to ask, ive tried this already, and it works fine..i hope i did not miss anything.

  2. hexinary

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    Dec 21, 2007
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    ill be out on a bit,i may not answer your question right away... (laro muna dota) =p
  3. dominiquejames

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    Apr 10, 2004
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    Atlanta, GA
    wow, this looks like an ingenious solution! thanks hexinary for taking the trouble to work on this problem. it is a workaround and as most workaround goes, it is convoluted. it's much like jazz music i suppose, starts nice and easy, and then before you realize it, it takes a detour, and gets lost a bit, and then it somehow ends up on the right note. i hope those who have subscribed calendars will find this to be the fix for now, until such time that apple fixes it somehow and sometime soon. thanks again, hexinary. hats off to you!
  4. surgfish

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    Nov 8, 2006
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    what is subscribed calendars?

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