SIM Cloning

Discussion in 'iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Apple Watch' started by outaru-go, Sep 23, 2010.

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    ^and that's the good news... now the bad news is - if someone wants your number (say you have a nice number like 0917-888-8888 as an example) and if someone wants that number, they can have a new SIM with that number. Needless to say, yours would be deactivated until you go to a Globe Business Center and claim it back. - Hassle.

    Globe does not ask for any proof that the number you're asking a replacement for is/was really yours - if you tell them you lost the original SIM. :)
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    I also had a prepaid Sun sim before that suddenly stopped working. I went to Sun to see if they could issue a replacement but they said they don't do this for prepaid numbers. Sayang lang because it was a "choose your own number" sim so I had a really nice number IMO. The only solution they offered was to apply for a postpaid plan and they would see if they could give me the same number. I declined.

    Now back to using my Globe postpaid.
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    Had the unfortunate event stated by Sir Cybersniper before. Somebody requested a replacement Globe sim on my nice, easy to remember, 0917 prefixed prepaid number which I had owned for more than 8 years. This was done without any IDs presented. It is in their standard operating procedure to request for IDs and prove ownership of sim through the card that came with sim or affidavit of loss but this wasn't followed.

    It took for me to reclaim the number back. This was despite providing proof of actual ownership of said number as I once enrolled it on a monthly postpaid allowance plan. Since it is connected to my email and other online accounts for dual verification purposes, I wasn't able to log in with my online accounts. I was burdened to provide legal documents and affidavits for lapses made by their front service staff. Worse, I did not even receive an apology and was told "Sir, prepaid lang kasi kayo".

    I shifted to postpaid.

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