Sharing Mac iTunes with Win iTunes via WiFi

Discussion in 'OS X and OS X Apps' started by Tantantiniiin, Mar 28, 2006.

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    May 11, 2004
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    I have a pbook with mostly business related podcasts + my favorite "wake-me-upper" music. Now, by policy, (and by storage limitations) I cannot store a copy of it in my work computer, (A toshiba satellite). Some of my office mates also wanna hear the business-related podcasts, and they have the same PC laptop as mine, or better.

    Now my noob questions is -- How do I set up my Toshiba laptop to receive shared music on my mac itunes via wi-fi? And how do i configure my Airport settings and Mac iTunes so that it will share my media files?

    The other reason why i want to do this? The speakers of the Toshiba laptop is way much better than the pbook.

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    I do the same thing at work. I'm not sure if you want to share via Airport of your PB or by using an Access Point.

    At work I attach my Airport Express. To share from iTunes do the following:
    • Open iTunes Preferences.
    • Go to sharing.
      • Check Look for shared music (if you want to listen to other users shared iTunes)
      • Check Share my Music
        • You will have several choices
          • Share entire library
          • Share selected Playlists
          • You can change your share name
          • You can also require a password for people connecting.
    • Open Your PB System Preferences.
      • Go to sharing
      • Go to Firewall
      • Check iTunes Music Sharing
    Make sure that your workmates check "look for shared music" in their iTunes.

    To make your PB as an access point:
    • Turn on your Airport
    • Create a Network
    • Other wifi enabled computers must connect to the network you've created.
    I've never tried this set up while attached to another network. I've only done this when I don't have my airport express and other Mac users want to listen to my music via iTunes or see my photos via iPhoto.
  3. Tantantiniiin

    Tantantiniiin Active Member

    May 11, 2004
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    hey, I'll try this out and will give you a feedback if this works out.

    Thanks for the advice Red.

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