QUESTION: Can I Install OSX Leopard on my PowerBook G4 1.33Ghz, 512mb RAM, 15"Screen?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air, MacBook & MacBook Pro' started by seven, Feb 3, 2009.

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    Jan 27, 2009
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    Can I Install OSX Leopard on my PowerBook G4 1.33Ghz, 512mb RAM, 15" Screen? what type of Leopard Disc can i use? because i have read in wikipedia that there are 2 kinds of Leopard Installer disc.
    What im planning to do is use the Leopard installer disc from a MacBook package of my cousin. will it work fine on my PowerBook G4? It wont have any issue after install?

    Quoted from
    "Apple states the following basic Leopard system requirements, although, for some specific applications and actions (such as iChat backdrops) an Intel processor is required:[41]
    • Processor must be any Intel, PowerPC G5 or G4 (867 MHz and faster)
    • DVD drive (for installation of the operating system)
    • At least 512 MB of RAM (additional RAM (1 GB) is recommended for development purposes)
    • At least 9 GB of disk space available.
    Leopard’s retail version was not released in separate versions for each type of processor, but instead consisted of one universal release that could run on both PowerPC and Intel processors.[25] Leopard drops support for slower G4 and all G3 processors.[41] Because all new Macs use Intel processors, the versions of Leopard shipped with them are Intel only." - now this statement i cant understand. hehehe! help the newbie guys! thanks! any input would be of great help.
  2. digitalmac

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    Oct 19, 2006
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    I am pretty sure that installing Leopard that came with another Mac is against Apple's terms and condition.
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    Here, there, or behind you.
    Pretty self-explanatory. Your cousin's Macbook is one of the "new Macs" mentioned in the statement above, therefore, the Leopard disc that came with it are for Intel-equipped Macs only. You have a Powerbook G4 1.33 GHz, and yes, it is Leopard-compatible. So what you need to BUY is the Leopard retail dvd.
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    Hello seven, you can't use the Leopard installer that comes with newer Macs. Aside from the fact that it's illegal, it's not possible too. Buy a Leopard disck instead from Digital Hub. As for your machine, Leopard will work fine!
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    Re: Can I Install OSX Leopard on my PowerBook G4 1.33Ghz, 512mb RAM, 15

    you can install leopard on your powerbook but you need a retail version dvd for it and not one that came with the new macs...there are two ways of doing this...

    1. target disk mode using a PPC Mac (not Intel) with the DVD inserted in the source Mac and your powerbook as target; and
    2. using the dvd on your powerbook, but stripping it of its x-code, languages and other unnecessary files so that you can create a new dmg and burn it on a single-layer dvd, which can be read by the combo drive of your PB (unless you have a superdrive on it already)...

    the second method i have tried successfully in restoring the leopard on my pb 1.25ghz (oh, after around six tries, i think...)

    there are, however, different results if you try to install/restore leopard on your pb using an external usb dvd player (in ten tries, it didn't work on mine)

    if you want more details on how to do it, hie over to have a tutorial there, i.e. unsupported leopard installations

    good luck...
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