Power Mac Service Center poor customer support

Discussion in 'iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Apple Watch' started by risdj, Mar 6, 2015.

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    PowerMac and Beyond the Box both Charlie's?

    To TS, bring it to QCD Galleria. They are more lenient and considerate there. If they have stocks of your model unit, they can easily replace your defected device. One person there shared with me that he was with PowerMac before but decided to leave and moved to QCD. He might not mention the reason/s why he left PowerMac for QCD but common sense dictates of course that he himself was not happy with PowerMac.
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    Oct 18, 2014
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    Boo la khan
    Haha deleted ko na yun post.
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    Nov 23, 2014
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    I bought 2 ip6 units from powermac last nov, thank God walang problema. Now i know where i will be purchasing my next iphone. (btb [emoji6]) Wala din discount ang powermac for cash purchases and philmug members. I hope you get this issue resolved,TS.
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    oo nga po sobrang nakaka-disappoint yang powermac na yan. Now, i'm still thinking if I should report it to DTI kasi baka mahabang usapan lang yan then in the end wala din mangyayari or I will let them provide a note indicating that dent won't void the warranty of my device to be attached sa receipt ko. Nakakadala lang po, kasi the reason why i'm buying from them is the warranty and the peace of mind na if ever may issue sa device they can fix it easily and mataas yung quality of service and I would not mind adding 10k for the device kasi quality and customer support yung habol ko from them... ganun din pala, less careful pa sa device and sorry for my word "sinungaling" pa even though indicated na sa receipt and the checklist nila - black and white lumulusot pa... kahit na dent or nick pa yan they damaged the phone right and visible pa, at first akala ko dumi lang so I tried it wipe it then yun pala damage na pala parang some pointed object na tumama dun sa area na yun, medyo malalim sya compared sa dent pero whether it's a dent or not they did not handled my device properly... it's impossible kasi na-overlooked nung representative ang liwanag sa powermac then kahit nga scratches makikita mo dun. Anyway, thanks guys sa mga advices and comments.. really appreciate it!
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    Huwag ka pumayag na hinde nila replace. You can do to DTI. mabilis lang naman process. Mediation lang naman yan.
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    Had a bad experience with Power Mac long before. The problem with them is that management does not intervene in matters like this or there is simply no way of making them aware or that maybe they simply don't care. It's obvious that their staff made a blunder and they're covering their a$$ by saying they overlooked it hoping the customer will just suck it in.

    If this happened with BTB, Charlie or Abet will step in. Yes, I've also had an unpleasant experience with one of Charlie's stores but they are easily reachable and very prompt in resolving complaints.

    I'm a bit surprised with response Apple gave you though.

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