Pls recommend good and affordable NAS for home use

Discussion in 'Other hardware discussions' started by Alucard, Jul 3, 2013.

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    I think WD has a repair/replacement site in the Atrium along Makati ave, right beside Zuellig building. It would help if you registered your WD product and have the registration number if it's still in warranty.
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    ^Thank you! Will try to bring it in for assessment and repair in the next few days.

    If the repair will cost much, I'd seriously consider replacing the NAS and just transfer the drives to the new one. I am currently leaning towards Synology, specifically the DS218+. If anyone has been using the Synology DS218 series, I'd appreciate your feedback on whether it is appropriate for home use and which specific model you would recommend. Thanks!
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    Jun 13, 2011
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    ^ Between spending for repair or replacing it with a new one, have you considered repairing it yourself? A fan problem isn't all that too difficult to deal with. Of course, the challenge revolves around the teardown more than anything. But once open, you can replace the fan with an equivalent one that can be sourced off Laz@da or Shopeȩ with ease.

    There are a few teardown videos on Youtube that you can explore.

    Just a final note: The non-operating fan might just be a symptom of a deeper issue. So it's quite possible that the problem persists even after replacing the fan. But the only way to find out is still to open it up.
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