Pls. Help Me to Back-Up my All Important Files Using SuperDuper !!!

Discussion in 'OS X and OS X Apps' started by jojhubhang, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. jojhubhang

    jojhubhang New Member

    Jan 2, 2007
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    I'll appreaciate all of your response here.
    This is the scenario, I have an external hd with a total capacity of 232.76 GB
    I have old backed up files already in there from 2 years ago
    (my last backup after a big crash an loss of data)

    I have 75.65gb remaining on the external and 40Gb remaining
    on my internal HD. I have some corrupt files and want to do
    a back up before I run a anti-virus program.

    I don't know which back-up to choose. I'm afraid to do the erase back up. Because
    there may be stuff in there from my former computer, I don't know.

    I don't know if the smart update is enough or if the newer or different
    file options are too much. My space is limited. What do I choose
    if I don't want to double up on any of the old info and don't want
    to loose any of the old info? Do you think I am being overly
    cautious? Please help, I am computer illiterate for the most part.
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  2. raypin

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    Jun 8, 2008
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    not all files are all important. I suggest you just copy to a separate media (usb flash disk) or burn to a dvdr disk your important files like pictures, documents, spreadsheets, mp3 songs, movies, powerpoints, pdfs, apps etc. etc. etc. All the rest are replaceable. And what's so important about preserving a two year old backup?? That seems odd.
  3. Miguel_D

    Miguel_D Member

    Oct 3, 2007
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    if not get a new bigger capacity external HD and create two folders for your back ups

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