New Game for iPod Games: PHASE

Discussion in 'Third party hardware, software and accessories' started by farankoshan, Nov 13, 2007.

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    If you grab the addictive quality of Guitar Hero (c/o the guys at Harmonix), combine it with the touch-sensitive clickwheel of the iPod, and as a bonus (wait for it...) have your entire library as material, you have a pretty good idea of the newest game from Apple for our iPods.

    Enter... PHASE


    ... and if that isn't enough, get this: it's just $5.00 at the iTunes Music Store! Can you spell "STEAL?"
    Well, make sure it has the word PHASE in it, because I detect a hit right here.
    Personally, I haven't stopped playing my copy since I bought it a few hours ago.


    Why do I love it so much?
    There is just something overly gratifying playing the game against Yngwie Malmsteen's "Far Beyond the Sun," or natural running my own Postal Service tracks into the game engine, or ultimately visceral about playing the game with one of the best pieces of music ever composed on an 8-bit soundchip: Mega Man 2's Dr. Wily Stage I. (It may not be perfectly mapped, but rythm-game technology has come a long way, and if anybody knows rythm mapping, it's Harmonix.) Man! I get a kick out of Postal Service's "Brand New Colony" on Hard. Intense!

    Forgive my indulgence. It's not like you wouldn't do the same, right? :D

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