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Discussion in 'Third party hardware, software and accessories' started by kaizersix, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. kaizersix

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    Feb 2, 2008
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    can someone teach me how to connect with PC users when playing LAN games??

    at our internet shop, i was connected through LAN and i can see all PC's in my network but when we tried to play W3 DotA, i can't seem to connect with them. wether i'm the server or the client.

    But when we got home, where there are a couple of macs, we tried to play DotA through LAN and WiFi and we were connected both ways. No problems with the connection, except for our WiFi dropping out a couple of times..

    So i guess the problem is on the connection between mac and pc.

    is there a setting that i forgot to set before playing??

    btw, all firewalls are turned off on both sides, as required by the game.
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    Have you confirmed that the game you're trying to play has cross-platform multiplayer support? Will it actually allow someone with the PC version play against someone with the Mac version?
  3. wildcard

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    or maybe your version numbers are different. All i know about LAN gaming is that all the gamers should have the same version numbers. version 1.0 cannot play with version 1.1
  4. Blizter_Soup

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    Jan 2, 2009
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    I used to play DOTA with my PC buddies with no hitch. I could join their games and they could join mine. All I had to do was turn off my firewall. That's it. Sometimes, dL'ing patches from helps.

    However, this was back during the version 53 days. Now, whenever we try to play version 56 or higher, I get dropped from their game after about 5-10 mins of playing. I'm the only one getting dropped, too. Weird.

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