NAB 2013, year of the 4K

Discussion in 'Videographers' started by dexterandrada, Apr 17, 2013.

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    Its been quite on this forum, coz i am sure everyone is earning a living. Just want to raise information that might be relevant to us Filipinos in media production

    1. Anybody making efforts in 4K production? Did you get excited with BMD's cinema camera 4K(resolution) for 4K (dollars)
    2. After Effects and Cinema 4D is making a great solution for VFX artist. They did this with speedgrade before
    3. Also with our relatively slow internet connections is Adobe Creative Cloud worth pursuing?
    4. RED did onsite upgrades of dragon sensors - and this is done in a convention hall
    5. Data Data Data - what are you long term solutions in handling/keeping and storing data? HD or UltraHD

    Your thoughts
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    1) Panasonic has just announced a 4K capable GH4. Haha very excited! This will certainly bring 4K to the low budget indy crowd. I have a good friend (can't drop his name here out of respect) who is a well known in the broadcast industry and he tells me that 4K in the Philippines is still a pipe dream when the majority are still watching on their SD TV sets. Even HD is still has a long way to go here. Pinoy Producers simply shoot with their HD cameras and downscale for broadcast. He says pinoy movie industry maybe different as some shoot with 2K and 4K cameras but he admits he does not have enough knowledge on that.

    A brief personal observation about 4K, I personally had the pleasure of shooting a few minutes of 4k video with my friend's Canon 1DC and I was forced to use proxies on Final Cut Pro X to keep my relatively powerful and fully upgraded Retina Macbook pro from grinding to a halt. Rendering took a while as well (compared to the HD footage I use to process) even when using my friends SSD RAID array as an external scratch disk. If I have trouble editing 4K on my rMBP, imagine broadcast and movies doing 4k, they would need an upgrade on everything from storage to more powerful computers, as you know, 4K is very demanding to process and expensive.

    3) I'm not a big fan of Adobe Cloud and don't like the software rental licensing system it tries to push to its customers but that is for another thread. Except for downloading the apps themselves and updates, upon installation Adobe Creative Cloud resides on your hard disk which means once installed on your computer it acts like any local app. The only difference between lets say Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere is that Premiere will try to "phone home" via internet to Adobe once a month (I believe) to check if you have been paying this month's fee. You don't need quick internet connection for that.

    5) For me I use Final Cut Pro and a SSD Thunderbolt scratch disk: Pegasus J2 for video editing. Small storage but very fast which is good for editing video. When I'm done with my project I simply move all the date to a cheap USB 3 Hard drive for archival. So far it works for me well :)
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    Just weeks ago, two of "my TV shows" launched, one in Singapore (one episode pilot) and another in the Philippines. SG used HD, PH is a live broadcast, only uses 480p. That's the reality—the rest of the world is still on 480.

    Take Bluray, for instance. In spite of the hoopla, it isn't in many households. Partly, that's due to the ubiquity of HD cable and satellite in first world. But the rest of the world only watches "4K" in cinemas. That said, 4K sounds great for film-making, particularly for indies. For anything that will be viewed on TV—cable, DVD, Smart TV, even Bluray—it'll be a while for 4K adoption, no sooner than 10 years for mass adoption in the Philippines.

    I have the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 1.5K, but I use my Pocket Cinema Camera 99% of the time.

    For a healthy dose of reality, try streaming a 4K video through your home broadband connection—that's if you even have a 4K display.

    Still, that won't stop me from buying the new 4K-capable Mac Pro. :D

    But the future is bright. The Philippines should be 4K-ready in the year 4K. :p
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    Mmm.....I agree: 4k adoption may take awhile longer in the mass market segment compared with the upgrade from standard definition TV sets to HDTV or, for that matter, from black and white analogs to color TV sets. With many households owning one (or several) HDTV sets, the incentive to upgrade to 4k (UHDTV) is not as compelling. Why? Because the quality of HDTV (720 to 1080p) is already good enough for the typical/mainstream consumer. I have a feeling that UHDTV will be the new Blu-ray, confined to or catering to aficionados and professionals, similar to 2560 x 1440 monitors for computer users.

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