My MBP's Font Book crashes upon opening

Discussion in 'OS X and OS X Apps' started by maryannemoll, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. maryannemoll

    maryannemoll Guest

    I think it's my fault. I have so many fonts installed on my 12-inch PB, and I tried copying my Font Book from the PB to an external hard drive (together with other files, mostly Microsoft Word files), and then to my MBP's Applications folder. I replaced the MBP's Font Book with my PB's Font Book. Now each time I open the MBP's Font Book, it crashes upon opening.

    How do I restore the MBP's Font Book to factory settings? And what's the proper way of trasnferring fonts from one Mac to another? Thanks. :)
  2. maryannemoll

    maryannemoll Guest

    Hmm. I reinstalled Leopard and that solved the problem. I suppose I was just too pakialamera and tamad. Better to add the fonts to Font Book one by one the usual way. :)

    Look at me answering my own question at 1:30 am. :slanted:
  3. johannes

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    Dec 20, 2006
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    Haha... It's still informative anyway, maryannemoll. At least other new MBP owners out there will know what to do (or not do). ;)
  4. iAM

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    Jun 22, 2005
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    I had a similar problem with Microsoft applications. I copied a CD full of fonts (copied from my OLD PC) to my MacBook, and everytime I opened MS Word, it crashed. A reinstall solved the problem.

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