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Discussion in 'OS X and OS X Apps' started by hannibal, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. hannibal

    hannibal Guest

    thought i'd share this interesting shareware:

    "Six buttons makes for a simple and clean remote, but without mira, the Apple Remote can get a little boring. mira was designed exclusively for the Apple Remote, to take it beyond Front Row and give you personal control over any application."


    Versatile and Limitless Application Support
    Unlimited application support — use with any applications you choose
    New application profiles take seconds to create
    Comes with default profiles/settings for over 20 applications
    Just point, click and pick options from mira's action menu
    Supports completely unique button settings per application
    Simply click to add or remove profiles
    Application profiles all displayed with their current icons
    Special/custom icon built-in for Front Row
    More default profiles and special features being added right now
    No extra files, scripts, modules, plug-ins or SDKs needed!
    People & System Friendly
    The mira UI installs as a standard System Preference Pane
    Easy to use, clean and intuitive interface design
    Automatic activation of the profile for the current application
    Default profile/settings for applications without their own
    Point and click on-screen remote buttons to change settings
    Any default setting can be easily changed
    Built-in Help Tags and detailed Help Book
    Simple clean install using Apple Installer
    Built-in Uninstall feature (you won't need it :)
    Easily Disable/Enable any Profile or mira altogether with one click
    Supports multi-user systems and Fast User Switching
    Each user can have their own settings
    Supports Per-System settings
    All users with the same settings applied by an administrator
    Unlimited Button Creativity in your Hands
    Keystrokes that all applications understand
    Send keyboard commands to the current application
    Send keyboard commands to any background application!
    Built-in lists of common keyboard shortcuts
    Create your own custom keystrokes, with unique descriptions
    Supports key repeating with current system repeat rate
    System Keys & Actions
    Page scrolling — mouse wheel simulation
    Screen Brightness control on supported Macs
    Exposé and Dashboard control, regardless of keyboard shortcut settings
    Sleep (with visual feedback), Restart & Shut Down
    Power Button / Power Menu
    Eject key
    System Volume control — with bezel feedback
    Multi Actions — Multiple actions with a single button
    Base set of actions for Short and Long-Press of buttons for any profile
    Application-specific sets of additional Multi Actions
    Supports different action for Short and Long button press
    Supports different action depending on application state
    (e.g. DVD Player menu vs. playback)
    mira Launch Menu — Single-button access to favorite applications
    Large attractive graphical menu floats on your desktop
    Rendered in the same style as Mac OS Application Switcher
    Controlled directly with the Apple Remote (also supports the keyboard)
    Choose a vertical or horizontal menu layout
    Choose how many items appear at one time on screen
    Contents scroll to show extra items
    Graphics scale perfectly to fit onto desktop
    Always available with Long-Press of Menu button —
    a completely different action can be used for Short-Press
    You can pick any type of file supported by Mac OS to launch
    Uses current item/file icons, which can be changed from the Finder
    Special/custom icon built-in for Front Row
    Open/Launch Specific Item
    Pick any program/file & Launch Services takes care of the rest
    Special AppleScript support
    Runs AppleScript natively and transparently
    No need to launch external handlers or editors
    Create your own custom scripts for unlimited possibilities
    Open URLs in their default applications
    http: web addresses
    mailto: email addresses
    ftp: addresses and more...
    Application Switcher
    Open and control the standard Mac OS app switcher
    Quickly switch from one running application to another
    Global Action
    Used as a pass-through to the Global profile
    Performs the same action without having to set it up multiple times
    No Action
    Performs no action, effectively disabling a button
    Can be used to simplify the remote or prevent unwanted interaction
    Preserves all Original Apple Remote Functionality
    Pair feature — links your Mac to a single remote
    Enable/Disable the IR Receiver
    Default Sleep on Long-Press of Play button
    Full default Front Row support, with working Fast-Forward/Rewind!
    All original applications supported by included profiles




    download here
  2. jondextan

    jondextan Member

    Aug 21, 2005
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    downloaded this the other day but was hesitant to install it! :D will try tonight!
  3. chairman

    chairman Moderator
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    Apr 22, 2004
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    San Juan
    guys, i'm writing an article about this one for The After Mac I'd appreciate sharing your thoughts about this with me. Post your impressions here nalang or PM me. thanks.

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