Mid-2009 15" 2.53ghz MBP - Freezes! :(

Discussion in 'MacBook Air, MacBook & MacBook Pro' started by the sandman, Aug 27, 2009.

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    I got my 15" 2.53ghz Macbook Pro in the middle of July.

    2 weeks ago, it was working for more than 10 hrs, transferring files between 2 external HDDs. I switched it off while I was sleeping. It woke it up after getting out of bed, watched a DVD... then in the middle of watching the screen froze and was replaced by multicolored lines. No amount of keyboard and trackpad actions was able to wake it up. I had no choice but to hard restart.

    I restarted it after a few minutes rest (I thought it was still overworked from the previous night), I was able to boot the system but got stuck at system log on. The trackpad was unresponsive so I couldn't select my user profile. I had to hardreset again. When I restarted the MBP again, I heard a succession on 3 short beeps and a pause, then the beeps repeated. The sleep indicator light blinked in sync with the beeps. This didn't stop until I pressed hard on the power button. I switched it on again and found the MBP able to boot, trackpad was ok and I was able to log on the system. After just a minute, it froze again. I hardreset and I heard the beeps again. I reset and everything was fine. It was a Sunday so Apple support was away.

    A few days passed, I didn't have time to call Apple yet and the MBP was working fine. Then one day, I woke up it from sleep. It felt hot to the touch. The sleep indicator light weren't blinking and was steady and the screen was just black. I called Apple Support suggested resetting the PRAM and SMC, it worked.

    We had peace for a week.

    Just this Tuesday, it froze again while I'm in the middle of internet surfing. The pointer and the dock were visible against the multicolored distorted diplay yet the track pad was unresponsive. My previous actions of restarting the computer worked. Until yesterday, those actions just stopped working. The farthest I can go into booting the MBP was the gray apple screen where it just hangs (you can seen the spinning lines stop). I called Apple who advised me to bring it to a Service Center.

    I still have to bring it to a Service Center, probably iRescue. I'm just really frustrated that i got unlucky with first foray into the macworld.

    I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Macbook Pro and I hope this issue gets resolved immediately (although that's dependent on when I will be able to pass by iRescue and on the extent of the damage).

    I just want to share my frustrations with my brand new Macbook Pro in the hope of easing this disappointment and probably of getting additional advice on how to handle this or sharing of experiences.

    Sorry for the long post. :confused:

    EDIT: Sorry mods for the duplicate thread. I didn't realize the first one went through. Please merge with this one. Apologies.
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    have it replaced. this happened to me before. It's a defective Hard Drive. if not that something else, demand for a replacement if you can though it's been since July. In my case I found out within the week I got my unit, good luck!

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