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    I Just got my MBP serviced last week. Since it was under applecare, i requested DW Machines to replace my matte LCD because it had grey stains inside which could not be resolved by cleaning the LCD. My previous MBP also had the same problem which resulted to LCD change also.

    Upon picking up my unit, i check the new LCD. It was still matte. DW machines had florescent lighting in there store. I was kind of weirded out because my LCD had a whitish cast and was really bright. I asked the technician if what kind of LCD they installed in my MBP. According to them what ever your MB or MBP hardware you have it will be always be the same if replaced.

    After i picked up my MBP, i went to a coffee shop to edit some pegs for submission to a client. Even thought i was editing outside the shop (Daylight) i found the LCD to have a whitish cast and was to bright. I concluded that it was not the florescent light which makes gives my LCD a different shade. I started to think that my LCD was replaced with a LED back lit LCD (My MBP is a 2.33 C2D, which has the old model LCD).

    Just today, i compared my MBP to my friend MBP which had also a LCD replacement. Same model, same replacement. He told me that the replacement was a LED backlit LCD. What do you think guys? How can i confirm if this is a LED back lit LCD? It kind of makes sense because it is cheaper for apple just to replace the LCDs with LED back lit ones rather the old LCD technology. :D Just my 2 Cents :D

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