Macbook Charger Problem.

Discussion in 'MacBook Air, MacBook & MacBook Pro' started by theglamorousboi, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. theglamorousboi

    May 17, 2008
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    HISTORY : I've always 'relatively' taken care of my Charger/Adaptor. I've never banged it on the floor. But I do leave it on like 24 hours a day, even if my MB's off, it's still charged on. That's serious. I couldn't think of a day that my charger wasn't on the socket.

    CASE: I was playing Sims 3 (perfectly legit) and suddenly the light on my charger went off. I thought it was a problem with my power socket so I kept changing where I placed it, but to no avail. Other electrical appliances run perfectly fine on it.

    PROGNOSIS: I rushed to Apple Store and they were a *tad* unhelpful in offering creative solutions. 1) They tried my charger on other laptops - wouldn't work.
    2) They tried another charger on my laptop - worked like a charm.

    The not working part also applied when they sort of changed the power cord.

    ISSUE: Of course, Apple Store wants me to *BUY* a new charger. Yes, I'm no longer covered by warranty. I just thought that before I shell out 5-freaking-thousand pesos on a charger, if anyone could have any ideas on what I could do as a temporary thing?

  2. enuhski

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    Jul 13, 2006
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    new manila, quezon city
    try ynzal. when my ibook charger short-circuited on me and finally died, i went there for a cheaper alternative. they sold a 3rd party charger (US brand, newer technology) that was just about 3.5k versus the original 6-7k price they quoted me. works perfectly with my old ibook :)
  3. rattrapante

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    Jul 8, 2006
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    Try searching the net, read a few stories where the magsafe was still replaced even after warranty expired. Though if you are planning to buy one, try check the for sale area, I was able to buy one for my MBP the 85w version for only 3,500.

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