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    A friend was asking me to help him find a way to restore the contents of his iWeb since his hard drive crashed completely.

    I did a little research and found out that all of iWeb's data is stored in a single file named Domain, located in Home > Library > Application Support > iWeb. That's the file that he lost. However, his iWeb site is up and running, so all the data is stored in his iDisk > Web folder.

    Seems pretty simple, but in actuality, things are screwed up. To research, I used my own iWeb as reference. I opened my Domain file package and discovered that my site's files are all dumped in there with hardly a directory structure. In the iDisk > Web folder however, it's totally different. The files are all there, but in a totally complicated arrangement (complicated because I don't understand web site structuring, the very reason I iWeb is for someone like me).

    So there you have it, Apple's iWeb disappoints (READ sucks). Much like an iTunes automatic sync with an iPod, iWeb works only one-way: It can easily publish a site, but it cannot, in any way, retrieve that same site. There's no reason why this should be the case.

    My iWeb using friends, if you value your iWeb site, I strongly recommend you back up your Domain file and upload it to your iDisk or back it up into an external.

    The only way to rebuild the site in iWeb is to manually create those pages then use Safari to copy and paste the contents from the actual site.

    It makes no sense, I tell ya.
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