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    My HTPC Mac Mini's 1 TB HD is running out of space because I've purchased a lot of HD movies and TV shows from the iTunes Store over the years. My iTunes library is now 700+ GB in size.

    To fix this, I could get a large external drive for my Mac mini and move my iTunes library there. Another option is to try to set it up on a remote file server e.g. NAS. Since I have a 32 TB file server, I decided to go for the latter.

    Since I also want to secure my iTunes library, I decided to create an encrypted sparse bundle image. I discovered that I couldn't create a sparse bundle image on the remote folder, so I first created it locally, then copied it to the remote folder.

    I then made sure that I could mount the remote sparse bundle image on my Mac. I then added the sparse bundle image to my user's login items so it would be loaded when I boot up the Mac.

    Then I copied the existing iTunes library to the remote sparse bundle image. It took about an hour to copy 700 GB over a wired, gigabit LAN.

    Before launching iTunes, I held down the option key. This makes iTunes ask where to load the iTunes library. I picked the one in the remote sparse bundle image.

    Everything works like before. Download and video playback is indistinguishable from a local library.

    If you're not concerned about security, I think you can skip the sparse bundle image setup. I also recommend using a wired connection and a gigabit switch on your machine and the file server/NAS.
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