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Discussion in 'iStudio' started by neilc, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. xtine

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    Aug 29, 2006
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    Many years ago when iStudio was just starting out, I came to them with a white MacBook with a defective keyboard (that I didn't even buy from them). Larry happened to be in the store and since he knew I had come from the province and that waiting for replacement parts might take a while, graciously offered to switch out the keyboard of his own MacBook so that I wouldn't have to wait. His kindness and level of service has stuck with me and I've been a loyal customer of theirs ever since.

    Happy to report that more than ten years down the line, they still offer the same top notch, personalized service to their clients :)
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  2. jon1432000

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    Oct 4, 2010
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    and this makes the istudio the best buying experience right now esp. for apple products and paying in cash. just bought the m1 macbook pro 13 at more than 5% discount sayang sa kanila ko na sana binili din ung 2020 apple ipad / magic keyboard / apple pencil gen 2

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    One good thing about iStudio they seem to have Applecare always in stock. Huge convenience since fewer and fewer stores and online sellers seem to be selling AppleCare these days.
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    Nov 16, 2021
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    Hi, thought to throw in my own experience with Shangri-la istudio, I was impatient to wait for the macbook pro refresh (slight regret now lol but I needed for my plans next year) and decided to invest in an M1Macbook Pro, it took a month to arrive and the staff were friendly, even allowed me to 'reserve' an ipad mini. Planning to get apple care at least for the macbook... I only wish they had trade-ins for all apple products and istudio would probably be my go-to for all things apple... (Only gripe is that they still don't have the magic keyboard with touch ID on hand haha)

    I might possibly go for an upgraded set and buy the iphone from them in the future, the discount and using the Apple prices online rather than the markup powermac and beyond the box makes it more comforting than buying it from Greenhills.

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