iDVD play all option and some other questions.

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    iDVD play all option and some other imovie questions.

    I have just created a DVD using iDVD. I placed just two videos in the chapter menu. I also placed a slide show in the beginning. the problem is the slideshow in the beginning seems to loop endlessly and it does not go to the chapters view after a slideshow (i have to push menu in the remote). Is there a way to do it? Also is there a way or an option where i can let all the videos in my iDVD project play simultaneously one after the other? like in a real DVD, you can watch by chapters and you can watch all... I want to have both options: play separately as chapters and play all.

    I have burned the project into a DVD already. I am using iDVD 06 btw.

    my other question: :D

    I have just made my first imovie project both of which contain photos and a couple of videos. My problem is After the effect is rendered for that particular slide, I cannot seem to edit that slide.

    I have a picture which zooms with ken burns effect. I also placed a text and also placed a transition. Then i proceed and do some more. In the middle of editing the movie I go and view what I have finished, only to find out that I wanted to add more text or I have misspelled the text. I also wanted to prolong that particular slide. I cannot EDIT it anymore. Its seems that there is no option to edit it... or is there? I proceed and finish the project in the hope of finding that edit button, but i guess I couldn't find it.

    any help would greatly be appreciated.

    sorry for the many questions :D thanks in advance :D
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