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Discussion in 'MacBook Air, MacBook & MacBook Pro' started by jorelpogi, Jan 24, 2009.



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  1. jorelpogi

    jorelpogi Guest


    I need your help.

    Please help me upgrade my memory in my macbook pro. i have a couple of questions.

    (by the way, my MBP is the one right before the aluminum one. yung ram ko is 2GB 667Mhz SDRAM DDR2 PC2-5300)

    1. Do PCs and Macs have the same RAM? cause when i search for mac memory in, the 4GB ram for macs are more expensive than the ones for PC.
    2. if im not mistaken. im looking for a 4GB (2 x 2GB) DD2 PC-5300 667mhz memory units right?
    3. can the mhz and PC-XXXX variate (e.g. 500mhz or like PC-6000)
    4. what do you guys think of this one? (its a corsair 4gb ram thing)

    it looks good from the page. mixed reviews tho. hope to hear from you guys soon

    (for 29.99$ after rebates, it seems like a good deal)

    Nasa US ako by the way. I really need your opinions!
  2. barre05

    barre05 Well-Known Member

    Mar 24, 2008
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    I upgraded my MBP's (early 2008) RAM to 4GB last week. I just went to Digital Hub Midtown, and had them install the two 2GB RAM Modules into my MBP for free. The damage? 2800 pesos for the two sticks (1400 each, if you don't want to buy both at the same time). Plus, if since we're PhilMUG members, Sir Charlie's staff gave me a 10% discount! That's the best price in town, even better than the PCExpress (one of the biggest and cheapest shops to buy from), at that.

    So.. To answer your questions:
    1. PCs and Macs should have the same RAM, provided that the specs are the same (case in point, my Kingston KVR ram (1GB, DDR2, 667Mhz, 5300) works with my girlfriend's Compaq Presario laptop).

    2. Yes, you're looking for that.

    3. The Mhz can vary, but as far as I know (I'm not expert at this, though), if you have one 667MHz module and anohter 800Mhz, the higher one will slow down and match the slower module's bus speed. Better stick to the 667s for your MBP, to avoid compatibility issues that may arise later.

    4. It seems like a good deal, if there are no compatibility issues. And better to check if the rebate is applicable, too, it might be for the USA only.

    Good luck, dude!
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