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    The dedicated sections for Apple Premium Resellers (APRs), non-APRs, and Telcos were created to serve as a bridge between said entities and the PhilMUG community.

    To achieve the harmonious and productive relationship these sections aim for, kindly observe the following guidelines:

    1. PhilMUG Rules will apply in all sections of the Forum. (

    2. While the representatives in these sections are employees of their respective companies, they are also technically PhilMUG members. They're part of our community, as with the companies they represent. As such, they are all entitled to the same courtesy and patience due to every member. Likewise, they are also subject to the same Forum Rules.

    3. Please allow partner representatives enough time to answer your questions or concerns, especially on matters they can't readily answer. It’s better to receive a well-thought-of response than a quick but erroneous one. And in case they don’t respond on a weekend or holiday, we hope members will understand.

    4. APRs, non-APRs, Telcos may use their sections to:

    • announce products, both current and upcoming
    • keep members informed regarding pricing and stock availability
    • update members on network issues
    • announce store events and other promotions
    • advertise repair services
    • post store contact details, operating hours, and locations
    • promote trainings / seminars, and the like
    • respond to members’ feedback regarding customer service and repair issues.

    5. No outright selling. These sections are here primarily for announcements, promotions, and feedback. Should members wish to make purchases, they may contact the representatives or even the stores directly and privately via PM, e-mail, or phone.

    6. Play nice. APRs, non-APRs, and Telcos will not engage in any negative posts about each other nor try to undermine each other in any way in this Forum. PhilMUG members are also advised to promote harmony and to not actively pit these entities against each other.

    7. Any agreements, issues, or transactions between members and partner entities are theirs alone. is just a platform for both sides and will not be held liable for any issues that may arise between them.

    8. Members must understand why partner entities cannot respond to rumors and speculations.

    9. Should these sections be abused (either by the representatives or any member) or should they fail to achieve the goal of a harmonious and productive relationship between PhilMUG and said partners, the Staff reserves the right to shut down the concerned sections and take the necessary administrative actions.
    10. As always, PhilMUG Staff decisions are final.

    Thank you.

    - The PhilMUG Staff
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