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Discussion in 'Globe Telecom' started by kcirecarg718, Nov 18, 2014.

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    Condolences for your loss.

    Call Globe and explain your situation and what you and family want to do.

    They will probably need certificates proving your father's passing as a basis for transfer of ownership of accounts.

    If you own a business and need receipts it may be an opportunity to transfer it your company for BIR reasons.

    I know some families just leave the utilities under the deceased party's name decades after their passing. It causes problems when you need to modify or discontinue the service years later.
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    I've been through this. Here's what I did:

    1. Hold tight to that death certificate as it indicates the date of death and the name of your family members that signed off on it (proving relationship).
    2. Globe requires pre-termination fees on all active contract accounts (regardless if the account holder is living or dead) to be able to transfer name/cancel the line.
    • Just pay the remaining cost of handset less the 5 months already used, less the initial cash out you already paid. Globe has a "handset cost" in their system (higher than SRP of malls). They'll compute it for you.
    3a. If you feel that you can't pay a huge lump sum (3 accounts closing/transfer) just keep using your lines in his name until end of contract (as long as it serves your needs).
    • Have line 1 (your dad's ) number be changed and ask if other family members/relatives would like to assume the payment responsibility. The death cert will serve as authorization.

    3b. Pay the lump sum for only your dad's account (line 1) and have it terminated and then keep using line 2 and line 3 in his name (less headache).

    for a & b - once the contract is done, go to Globe with death cert in tow and have them change it over to your name (treated as new line application so you need to submit proof of income and billing).

    3c. I don't recommend this since it's unethical but part of what's possible to do. This requires understanding with how obligations and contracts works and how debt of the deceased is handled.
    Stop paying for all his globe bills altogether and have Globe go after his estate.
    If you don't care about your existing number, get a new line with Globe.
    Globe will assess if it's worth the time to go through the legal process or have some credit agency call you non-stop. (on your nominated landline).
    Do not talk to Globe/collection agency about how you are related to the deceased in any way or form, just say he dead, i don't know, etc. Keep your mouth shut to avoid incriminating yourself.

    Your dad's name will be blacklisted from Globe and all companies under it including innove (landline) etc. It's important that he does not have any dealings with other companies under Globe.
    If you live in the nominated address, or he nominated your landline as second contact, prepare for collection agency calls frequently which might get annoying​

    I did 3a, it went smoothly.
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    Thanks for the detailed response.

    We actually had a family meeting regarding this topic last night and we decided to just let my sister use the 1st line since she does not have a postpaid line of her own....we will try to speak with globe to see if changing the # is possible....

    We will just wait until all the contracts have been completed and then go from there...
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