Battery Issues with macbook pro 13inch 2019, need Help

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Fiveseven, Oct 21, 2019.

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    Hi guys,

    to start , I ordered this unit from istudio on Sept. 20, 2019 its a CTO (macbook pro 13inch 2019 with 16gb of ram) and got this unit last week Oct. 16, 2019, a 1 month waiting time. anyways, once i got the unit, i feel that this unit is defective. so i observe it for a few days. Oct. 19, 2019 time at 5:58pm the battery is at 75%, i jotted the battery, then 1 hour has past at 6:58pm the battery drains at 64%( 9-10% lost), then i stop using it for word and decided using it for google earth for an hour , then battery drains more than 10% if i recall i lost 20% or less just using google earth, then continue jotting on 8:48pm , 9:48pm and 10:48pm, every 1 hour the battery drains 10% just using an application WORD or EXCEL only, then web browsing , take note: 1 at a time, not doing multi-tasking. Moreover, I contacted the apple support they advise me to do SMC reset which i did but still the same.

    Oct. 20, 2019 - I still continue with my own test .
    11:46am - the battery is now full charge decided to unplug it.
    11:46am to 12:49pm - I use google earth then jotted it the battery drains (13%) which is now 87% from 100%
    12:49pm to 5:39pm - decided to take a sleep , the same also with the unit on sleep mode.Upon waking up and waking the unit it lost me 10% of the battery. 87% life down to 77% life, take note: all the updates and such are off, i even do the terminal which instructed in youtube.

    5:39pm to 6:11pm - just browsing the web about battery issues the battery lost 5% of its life from 77% down to 72%.

    6:11pm to 7pm - it went to 10% battery lost from 77% life to 67% life. Just doing a retyping in words.

    7pm to 8pm - still doing some words only from 67% life it went down to 61% life.
    8pm to 9pm - still the same doing some words from 61% life it went to 51% life . 10% decrease again.

    9pm to 10pm - contacted apple support about the battery issues. she advised me to do a first aid which i did also and informed me to observed 24 hours.

    from 10pm to 11pm - after chatting , doing just web browsing from 51% life down to 40% , its a 10% again decreased .

    11pm onwards - I decide to let the unit on sleep mode which i did, after that, I brushed my teeth and decided again to let the unit shutdown instead of sleeping mode. I wake up the unit and then decided to open a photo about 1 to 2 mins, i close the application or photo. then in 1min or so the dock flickers abruptly for 3x. the applications in the dock turns into a something like a streak of small rainbow colours horizontally from the first application to the left to the last application to the right. then i jotted it down then turn off the unit.

    Oct. 21, 2019
    7:35am - i turn on the unit, upon seeing the battery it lost 4%. from 40% down to 38%, it supposed to drain 1 or 2% only since its on shutdown mode.

    that's just for now.

    Sorry for the long post as this is my first macbook pro 13inch 2019 tb. and my feeling about this is that i got a defective unit. please do let me know if you have the same opinion as mine.

    What I do with this is WORDS, EXCEL, BROWSE WEBSITE like this and GOOGLE EARTH. much more of a light user. while my friends friends MACBOOK PRO 13INCH 2019 TB while doing some video editing for an hour loses only 7% of its battery, and she is a heavy user in-terms of this.

    thank you guys. I am really confused with this unit.

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