Backing Up DVD's

Discussion in 'OS X and OS X Apps' started by alfiesy, Apr 19, 2004.

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    Apr 12, 2004
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    Backing Up DVD\'s

    Am trying to back-up one of my dual layer concert DVD into a single layer DVD for archival purposes. So far, I've done the following:

    Used MacTheRipper to remove encryption and regional coding
    Used DVD2OneX to compress the 7.75 GB DVD into a 4.4 GB DVD

    1.) When I burn the resultant files under Roxio Toast, do I use the DVD-ROM UDF under advanced options? Tried burning as data DVD but resulting DVD-ROM doesn't play with Apple DVD Player nor my Pioneer DVD Player.

    2.) Any suggestions on a brand of DVD-R to use with my iMac G4 800 Superdrive (Other than Apple DVD-R of course)

    Thanks for your help on this, guys.

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    Yap, you should use the DVD-ROM UDF, visit this linkfor the tutorial pdf.

    Verbatim or any Php 100.00 DVD-R on the market. At this price range the quality must be better than the Php 50.00 generic DVD-Rs.

    The above info are for personal backups of your purchased DVD-collection... :D

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    Like what Mike said, you need to burn the backup DVD movies using the DVD-ROM (UDF) format. Make sure that the disc name is composed of capital letters with no spaces (use _ for space). Just drag and drop the DVD2OneX-created/compressed Video_TS and Audio_TS folders to the Toast window and you're good to go. :)

    BTW, if you set Toast to verify the discs after each burn, don't be alarmed if the verification process failed on you. There's something wrong with Toast 6.x's DVD verification scheme (Roxio won't admit it though). This doesn't happen with Toast 5.2.x. As long as the resulting discs are playable in your set-top player and you can access all chapters and features, then the discs are fine. ;-)

    The iMac G4/800 uses a Pioneer DVR-104 drive, right? If yes, do the following first (taken from one of my previous posts available here:

    "Check the firmware version (aka Revision) of the drive using System Profiler. If it's lower than A227 (ex. A221, A224), be sure to update the firmware to the latest available version from Apple. The updaters are available at the Apple SuperDrive page.

    Word is that using 4x DVD-Rs on 2x burners (like the DVR-104) without the proper firmwares will damage the drives so be sure to update if it's not yet at version A227. Also, updating the firmware will allow your drive to burn to 4x DVD-Rs at 2x (instead of just 1x without the latest firmware). :)

    If you still have OS 9 installed in your Mac, you can also install the region-free X227 firmware (direct download). You need to boot into OS 9 to install it. Then use Region (for OS 9) or Region X (OS X version) to set and reset the drive region at will. ;-)"

    The common denominator among DVD blanks is that made in Japan discs are the best. If cost is no object, go for Japan-made discs.

    Taiyo Yuden-manufactured discs (made in Japan Fujifilm, some Maxell, JVC, some Verbatims, etc.) are the best of the best but they're not available locally. You can buy them online though.

    Second choice would be Maxell DVD-Rs. Make sure that the jewel case label has made in Japan printed on it, not Taiwan. Apple DVD-Rs (both 2x and 4x) are actually made in Japan by Maxell. Dynamic Personal Computer (Acacia Lane, 2/F Virra Mall) sells Maxell DVD-Rs (P120 each). Those without any speed rating printed on the labels are 2x discs. 4x discs have 1x-4x printed on the label.

    Verbatim DataLife Plus DVD-Rs are also excellent. Make sure that they're made in Singapore. Singapore-made Verbatims are manufactured by Mitsubishi, Verbatim's parent company. Taiwan-made Verbatims (DataLife, no Plus) are made by CMC Magnetics (crappy CD-Rs, good enough DVD-Rs with quality improving steadily) and are not as good as the Mitsubishi-manufactured blanks. Haven't seen any Verbatim DVD-Rs lately though, only DVD+Rs.

    Imation DVD-Rs are widely available. They're also made in Taiwan by CMC Magnetics. If you buy 10 or more blanks, Brilliant Technologies (Acacia Lane, 2/F Virra Mall) will sell them to you for P110 each (maybe even lower now).

    If you don't mind buying DVD blanks without cases, CD-R King sells "naked" RiData 4x DVD-Rs for P49 each. Those are also made in Taiwan and are made by Ritek. Ritek 4x DVD-Rs (RitekG04 dye) probably gives you the best bang for the buck although quality isn't consistent. Some batches are excellent while some can be really crappy. Since you're just going to burn them at 2x, I don't think you'll have any problems with these discs. :) Don't use these discs for your important backups though. ;-)

    Whatever you do, stay away from generic no-label white-faced/silver-faced DVD-Rs. Those are mostly made by Princo and are ubercrappy. Same goes for Melody and Sigma DVD-Rs (Sigma's a Melody brand). The funny thing is that Melody DVD-Rs are being sold for P100+ each! Crappy discs at premium prices. Weird.

    For DVD cases, Leiser Marketing's got excellent double cases for P15 each. The cases don't feel cheap and they close tightly. The single cases (P5 each) are a bit crappy though. Just buy the double cases. ;-) Leiser's located at Virra Mall, 2/F. Turn left at the end of Acacia Lane. It's after the comfort rooms near the dibidi vendors. Look for the shop selling CD blanks.

    Best deals are still online. Tell me if you don't mind buying from Amazon, etc. (and using Johnny Air Cargo) and I'll give you the URLs of some of the better discs.

    Hope this helps!


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