auto mounting ur netwprk shared volumes!

Discussion in 'OS X and OS X Apps' started by czar, Dec 19, 2006.

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    Many of us want to auto mount our shared network volumes, xp or mac.

    Write an apple script to do it.. Put the applescript in your dock, once you connect, click the applescript and bingo...

    Perform the following steps to create an AppleScript application that automatically mounts a network volume.

    1. Double-click the hard drive icon on the desktop.
    2. Double-click the Applications folder.
    3. Double-click the AppleScript folder.
    4. Double-click the Script Editor application.
    5. Type the following into the Script Editor window.

    tell application "Finder"
    open location "afp://user:password@server/share"
    open location "afp://user:password@server/share2"
    open location "afp://user:password@server/share3"
    open location "afp://user:password@server/share4"
    open location "afp://user:password@server/share5"
    open location "afp://user:password@server/share6"
    open location "afp://user:password@server/share7"
    open location "afp://user:password@server/share8"
    end tell

    Note: Replace user with the desired username, password with that user's password, server with the server IP address, and share with the name of the shared volume or if u use samba do this (smb://user:password@server/share) change "afp" w/ "smb".

    6. Click the File menu and choose Save As.
    7. Type the desired name of the script in the Save As field.
    8. Select the desired location for this file from the Where drop-down menu.
    9. Choose Application from the File Format drop-down menu.
    10. Ensure the Startup Screen setting does not have a check mark in front of it.
    11. Click the Save button. The application will appear in the location selected above.
    12. Close any open windows and close any programs to return to the desktop.
    13. Navigate to the location to which the AppleScript application was saved.
    14. Drag the Applescript to your Dock
    15. Click the Applescript in your Dock



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