Apple October 30, 2018 Event NYC

Discussion in 'AppleTalk' started by raypin, Oct 19, 2018.

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    Below is the original srp of ipad pro 10.5 that I availed last year. Price increase maybe due to currency exchange.

    Beyond the Box is with Mara Deniega.

    July 25, 2017 ·
    Get the iPad Pro 10.5 at 20% off using your BDO Visa Credit Card.

    iPad Pro 10.5 64GB SRP Php 36,990 now only Php 29,592
    iPad Pro 10.5 256GB SRP Php 42,990 now only Php 34,392
    iPad Pro 10.5 512GB SRP Php 54,990 now only Php 43,992
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    October 11 pricing of CMK of the iPad Pro 10.5

    256GB - 37,500
    64GB - 32,500

    The discounted price is for BDO cards

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    [bad word] no new Airpods?
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    Mm..there was a rumor of a high-end, premium Apple Beats headphone, in addition to new Airpods. Looks like we have to wait another year for that. For September 2019, we can expect the next-gen iPhone. I’d like a much smaller Face I.D. and just like the new Face ID on the new iPad Pros, it works in both landscape snf portrait modes. I do not see it being hidden under the glass display although that would be a breakthrough (true all-display screen). Of course, Apple will unveil the successor to the A12 Bionic chip (faster, better, state-of-the-art 7 nanometer chip), perhaps a bump up in storage option to 1 TB, even better cameras and more color options. I don't expect Apple to tinker with the present sizes (6.5, 6.1, 5.8). For the Xr line, a slight bump up in specs/performance since it will be the S version of the Xr.

    The foldable iPhone is probably going to debut in 2021 at the earliest (most optimistic).

    I’d like Apple to skip the roman numeral naming convention. So, iPhone 11. And dump Max and bring back, iPhone 11 Plus. The problem is how to designate the S version of the Xr. Simplest would be iPhone 11r since it will probably also carry the new Bionic chip (A13).
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    I cant wait for the new IPad i think i can finally retire my computer
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