Apple Music vs Spotify vs Other Music Streaming Services

Discussion in 'Apple Music' started by Bemhr, Feb 27, 2016.


Which one do you use right now?

  1. Apple Music

  2. Spotify

  1. Aargh

    Aargh Well-Known Member

    Sep 4, 2012
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    Apple Music will find it extremely difficult to catch up on Spotify. Spotify has been very aggressive specially in emerging markets, partnering with telcos and offering special pricing. I remember you can get a Spotify premium membership for as low as Php10/mo. Not to mention that 99% of Android users probably do not know that Apple Music is an available option.
  2. john.roque

    john.roque Active Member

    Dec 26, 2012
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    I just switched from Spotify to Apple Music. Am fed up with Spotify's priority of playlists over albums + with the horrible UI update not letting you download albums at all. I've been a happy camper since except with a few gripes:

    1. Apple Music on iOS feels fast, on par with Spotify's iOS app. iTunes still lags behind but I'm hoping Catalina will improve the Mac Apple Music experience.
    2. No ability to change music quality.
    3. No handoff from one device to another.
    3. Less human curated playlists over Spotify's (I love the All Out playlists)
    4. No music suggestions and search function on playlists

    However, I think those are outweighed by these:
    1. Superior album view. All those beautiful album art on my music pops.
    2. Have a true music library that you can download
    3. Playlists on new music are amazing. I've discovered so much new artists I love because of AM's playlists. I don't mind the lack of the old school playlists since I'd rather curate my own, and I generally know where to look for the old stuff.
    4. Beats 1 is awesome.
    5. Over all integration with Siri that I think Spotify won't do because of their beef against Apple.
    6. Apple pays artists more.
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  3. kinse_44

    kinse_44 Well-Known Member

    Feb 8, 2007
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    Hey Siri, play my workout playlist on Spotify.

    Yep, Siri now works with Spotify after the latest update.
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  4. macjobber

    macjobber PhilMUG Addict Member

    Jul 2, 2008
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    Loving the live lyrics at Apple Music ala Soundhound and Prime Music.

    Though a lot of songs don't have live lyrics support :)
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  5. oaba09

    oaba09 Member

    Aug 13, 2012
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    I just discovered that youtube premium is now available in the Philippines for 160 a month...It includes a subscription to youtube music...It has 2 months of trial period so I went ahead and library is vast(as good as spotify). I love how it allows you to watch a music video of a song of you want to. Will give more feedback once I have fully tested the features...
  6. hitme64

    hitme64 PhilMUG Addict Member

    Apr 2, 2007
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    ^It’s only drawback is that Google Home and Assistant do not use YT Premium for their music database, well’s been Spotify (default), Apple Music or Tidal (as is mine) usually.
  7. Edelheid

    Edelheid PhilMUG Addict Member

    Sep 11, 2013
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    Auckland, NZ
    I've been trialing YouTube Premium but solely to get rid of the ads. My problem is, with many native Safari content blockers I have tried ads sometimes do get past them. I have to stick with AdGuard (the desktop app, not the content blocker) if I want the greatest control on ads from repairing website cosmetics to blocking most ads in my experience, otherwise they have a reliable report system where you can report ads that you are unable to block as some sites don't really use static calls for ad elements anymore and instead change dynamically so the moment you try to block an element, just one refresh and it's back, baby! Best of all, if you report an ad to be blocked, it will be applied to the AdGuard filters so everyone benefits from your effort as soon as they update their filters.

    I'm not a hundred percent comfortable with AdGuard for the reason that it implements its own fake root CA certificate to effectively block ads (though there's a whitelist of sort to go around this but it will break ad blocking on many websites) — in theory this can be used to MITM your HTTPS traffic. Granted, there has been no scandal yet involving this company in the many years (the ones you will see are fear-mongering that AdGuard is a Russian company) it's been in the business of blocking ads with its desktop app, so you just need to trust their word that your browsing history stays locally in your computer, nothing gets out, and that they won't do anything about your traffic other than to systematically block ads.

    I trust them to a degree, but YouTube Premium gave me the opportunity to try and see if I can use native Safari content blockers (my preference) instead such as Better Blocker. It's more lightweight than AdGuard mostly due to having their own curated filters instead of using EasyList or some other populous filters. The only problem is that it's not good at blocking YouTube ads. But YouTube Premium might be the answer since it's dirt cheap, and somehow videos are even faster? I wonder if they have exclusive PoPs for Premium subscribers?

    As for YouTube Music, I don't really plan on downloading it as I am mostly satisfied with Apple Music (except for the no Handoff part) but I think my mum may like it. She still doesn't know how to use Apple Music, but she uses YouTube a lot so it may help considering the link to YouTube Music is obvious. If there's a semblance of harmony between the two apps it might be her go-to music app.
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