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Discussion in 'AppleTalk' started by Ibelgaufts, May 16, 2018.

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  1. Ibelgaufts

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    Jun 25, 2009
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    .... keeps the doctor away, the saying goes. Well, imported apples have become so expensive that you won't have funds to pay the doctor, should you need one. It is not as bad as that yet, and some Apples are rumoured to be edible at least a day after the "sell-by" day. But honestly:

    Would you buy a car that obviously has problems with brakes getting stuck, predictably unpredictable but foreseeable? A car where the steering wheel is soldered on to the motor so if it needs to be replaced, you also have to pay for a new motor also? A car where the front window or the mirrors get stained and bur your view? Nay, you would not, right? Unless, of course, it is a Rolls Royce the only function of it is to have it parked in front of your gate to impress the neighbours and passers-by and you can tell everyone that it has voice-control functions.
    I don't need that kind of fancy-looking car. I need one that brings me to my work - safely - and I do not have to worry that it might not bring me back home in the evening.
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    Hi @Ibelgaufts

    Based on your recent posts and this most recent thread, you must be going through something, or to keep it simple "parang may hugot ka".

    We do try to accommodate and entertain your queries (as seen in your previous thread), but I see no relevance to this current thread to our mission of healthy and helpful discussion in the forum.

    Kindly go over the Philmug Forum Rules as a guide to creating further new threads and posts. Link here:

    With that I am closing this thread. Rest assured you have been seen and heard and if there is anything apple or mac related that we can discuss or help you with, just PM or reply to any of the topics that best suit your concern or inquiry.

    Thank you and cheers!
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