Adobe/Macromedia not making current apps Universal

Discussion in 'OS X and OS X Apps' started by King, Feb 3, 2006.

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    Adobe Universal Binaries by 2007-2008

    Acording to this FAQ it will take them 18-24 months for their universal binaries to get out and these universal apps will only be available in their next generation of applications. Reason cited for such a long delay was that Adobe needed to make sure their apps meets standards. They suggest that their current customers use Rosetta.

    As a creative prosumer I understand why such a delay is needed (ex blue really must be blue) but it'll be such a pain to use but then again if their apps under Rosetta runs as fast as my current G4 then it's "OK". This'll put a crimp in Apple's transition from PowerPC to Intel and a good reason why the Mac Pro will probably be the last Mac to transition.

    Yayaman talaga ang Adobe dito. :cool:
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    "Adobe has a corporate policy for not commenting of future release dates. However, to provide rough guidelines for planning this transition, we can point to our consistent track record of releasing significant upgrades to our professional applications every 18-24 moths." - Adobe

    April 2005 was the release of Adobe CS2.

    So if you add:
    18mos: Oct/Nov 2006
    24mos: Mar/Apr 2007

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