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    In my quest to find the best web-based word processor from the likes of Google Docs and Zoho Writer, I came across Adobe Buzzword. More about Buzzword from Adobe Labs.

    The First Real Web-Based Word Processor, Adobe Buzzword is a flash-based word processor. It was created by Virtual Ubiquity, a Boston-based startup made up of inidustry veterans whose goal is to raise the bar on the quality of web-based applications. Virtual Ubiquity joined Adobe® Systems in December 2007.

    Buzzword is a work in progress, and has a number of impressive features, response is quick and snappy. It's computing line breaks, running text around graphics, managing headers and footers, and breaking pages on every keystroke.

    Buzzword makes it easy to build and manage bulleted lists, numbered lists or check box lists. They're easy to manage and work the way you'd like them to work.
    While current HTML editors have some graphic capabilities, they're constrained by HTML limitations. Buzzword, however, can flow text around a graphic quite well. To place a graphic into this document, open the Image Bar and then click on the Insert Image icon. Or, you can select Insert Image from the Edit Menu. Pick a JPEG, GIF, or PNG from your disk drive. Buzzword will take that image, send it up to the server, and then place it at your insertion point. You can drag and drop the image anywhere in the document. You can also size it by pulling on the corners. The Placement icons provide options like centering a graphic or pushing it to the side, or using the graphic as an inline element. Select the image and click on each of the graphic icons to get a feel for how they work.


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