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    Changes in Adium X 1.2

    Version 1.2 (1/5/2008) SVN revision: [22134]
    Improved Group Chat interface
    Improved the user list (#192, #2973)
    Implemented chat bookmarks in the contact list (#331)
    Added separate events for messages received in group chats (#2260)
    Added an event for chat invitations (#80)
    Added Drag & Drop contact invitations
    The Tab key now autocompletes names in group chats
    Various minor bug fixes (#447)
    Improved Bonjour support
    Implemented file transfer support (#1257)
    Fixed improper display of Bonjour contacts after disconnecting (#272)
    Fixed sending messages with line breaks (#2427)
    Fixed a crash when messaging invalid contacts (#2480)
    Major improvements to reliability and performance
    Modernized Bonjour for Mac OS X 10.4+
    Various minor bug fixes
    Improved XMPP (Jabber) support
    Fixed importing of groups (#2795)
    Added support for fields-based dialogues, which allows many serverside functions to work
    Added support for server and contact actions
    Added SSL certificate verification and trust control
    Improved new account registration
    Fixed connectivity to servers which require GSSAPI/Kerberos 5 and some other forms of authentication via SASL and which require CRAM-MD5 via jabber:iq:auth
    XMPP can now broadcast information about the current iTunes track
    Fixed a long-standing crash after disconnecting from a server which uses SSL (#7461)
    Rewrote almost all of Applescript support, fixing numerous problems and expanding its capabilities
    Implemented detachable Contact List groups (drag a group off the contact list to create a free-floating window). Known issue: Detached contact lists don't play as nicely as we would like with Spaces
    Improved Account Preferences
    You can now right-click on accounts (or multiple accounts) to quickly control them or their status
    An account's current connection step (such as "Sending Password") or error message (such as "Invalid password") are displayed under the account name
    Improved Status Menu Item
    New "Contacts" Menu (also quickly accessible by holding option when clicking on the status item)
    General menu cleanup, including using a buddy's icon instead of status for open chats
    The "show badge" option for Xtras is now a user-settable option in the advanced preferences
    Added a "flash when there are unread messages" option to the advanced preferences
    Added a colorful "Adiumy Flashy" icon set
    With badging enabled, one or more accounts attempting to reconnect will badge an offline icon onto the available icon
    Improved Reconnect Behavior
    Added a global "Connect All Accounts" to the file menu, which connects all enabled and offline accounts
    Accounts will now attempt to reconnect indefinitely. You can view the reconnect status in the Accounts preferences
    When an account is offline because of a network being unavailable, it will display "Network Offline" in the Accounts preferences
    Disconnection errors will no longer produce an error message unless it's unable to reconnect (rate limiting, invalid password, etc)
    Added options for showing/hiding mobile contacts and idle contacts as could be done with offline contacts previously (#3242)
    Mobile contacts can now have a customized color in the contact list (#215)
    Fixed pixelated contact icon appearance in Mac OS X 10.5
    (Sametime) Fixed Sametime login to servers which are configured to prevent 'old' clients from connecting. Be sure to enable the 'Hide Client Identity' account option.
    Fixed a condition in which a chat window would not appear after Adium had been hidden when a new message was received (#6101)
    Simplified chat window titles (#8596)
    Fixed erroneous display of an 'Arrange in Front' menu item in the Window menu in 10.5 (#8588)
    Added drag & drop of contacts to places besides the contact list (#3097)
    The status message is now displayed by Growl notifications for status changes (#758)
    Added an option to change status when a screensaver is activated (#5069)
    Added options for update checking to the General preferences (#7059)
    Added an option to show always show a contact in the contact list regardless of status (offline, idle, etc.) (#7203)
    The Contact List is now accessible via VoiceOver
    Chats now display a message when your account goes offline or online
    Improved handling of grammar checking across multiple windows (#8364)
    Improved quit confirmation and added an advanced preference to control it (#4231)
    Error dialogs and authorization windows no longer steal focus (#7747, #7923)
    Disabled javascript: urls in the message view, fixing a potential security concern
    Added 'First Last Initial' as an option for names from the Address Book (#3673)
    Improved first-run experience when using services which require a server to be specified (#7685)
    Empty status messages are no longer forced to read the status's name (#7985)
    The 'New Email' dialogue can now launch rather than loading a webpage
    Fixed a crash which could occur during file transfers
    Re-added the ability to customize the number of lines of history to show in new chats
    Fixed bugs in the Stockholm and Smooth Operator message styles (#2997)
    Sametime: Fixed contact presence and file transfer problems with Sametime on recent server versions
    Restored ignoring Exposé when the contact list is set to below other windows on 10.4; this behavior breaks Spaces so can not be done on 10.5.
    Improved how Spotlight displays chat transcripts on 10.4 (Known issue: 10.5 is still ignoring Spotlight results from chat transcripts because they are within ~/Library) (#8160)
    Fixed linkification of single-world domain names (#3540)
    Fixed retention of the size of the text entry area in chat windows (#8685)
    Fixed rejoining AIM group chats with spaces in their names (#8722)
    Improved the New Message dialogue (#8714)
    Fixed a leak after a contact requests authorization
    Updated Adiumy icons to 512x512 for Leopard
    Updated to libpurple 2.3.1
    Got David a gerbil (#7278)
    Major localization updates: Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English (Australian), Finnish, French, French Canadian, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish
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    thanks for the heads up!
  3. wizowsky

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    no ym video yet?
  4. MACRoel

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    May 16, 2007
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    Im using Adium but I could not receive sent files (i.e photos) from other YM users. Do I have a problem with my Adium or this is still the case of Adium up to now?
  5. gels31

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    Nov 1, 2007
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    Same problem here. Switched back to YM because of this

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