100% Working BlueTooth Blackberry Bold Tethering on SMART

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    Oct 8, 2007
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    This is a combination of what is found all Over the Berry forums and some reading after many frustrating attempts.

    I've edited the VARIABLES etc appropriately.

    STEP 1 - HUGELY IMPORTANT -- Get this PPPD replacement http://www.setera.org/projects/blackberry-bold-pppd-replacement/

    This is KEY, as it seems that default PPP negociation is just to fast for smart.

    After installing this ( You should restart ) -- Then Follow the normal guide found everywhere below.

    I was on 3G must have been HDSPA as I was able to do skype calls fine and clear, aswell as VPN to one of my office servers and remote desktop from there to a machine with little to no lag.

    WORKING - Tethering Bold 9000 with Mac over bluetooth (
    Right now I'm using the Bold 9000 with Mac is updated to the latest version of OSX 10.5.6 I believe. Now, I am not taking any credit for this at all. I found it on another site here. I just followed the instructions from the first post. Downloaded the Bold modem scripts here, and put in all the information he has listed.

    1.) Extract the Modem Script from the attached .zip file and place it in the Mac HD > Library > Modem Scripts folder. Be sure you place it in the root Library folder and not the Library folder associated with your User folder.

    BlackBerry 3G CID1.zip

    2.) Pair your phone with the Mac. Be sure you have set it up as a Trusted Connection and is set to "Yes" and not "Ask".

    3.) In Bluetooth Preferences, select your phone in the list, and then click "Configure this device". This will launch the Bluetooth Setup Assistant.

    4.) Check the "Access Internet..." and proceed.

    5.) Select "Other" for Vendor, and "Blackberry 3G CID1" (name of the modem script) for Phone Model. Leave the Username, Password, and Phone Number blank. Continue.

    6.) Launch Network Preferences, and click "Bluetooth" in the list.

    7.) Select "Add Configuration" from the Configuration drop list. Name the configuration something you can identify. I use my carrier name (SMART).

    8.) Populate the remaining fields with your APN information, using the wap server URL as the Telephone Number.

    Example for SMART 3G :
    Telephone Number: INTERNET
    Account Name: INTERNET
    Password: INTERNET

    9.) Check "Show modem status in menu bar"

    10.) Click Advanced, and verify the information is correct.


    * Vendor = Other
    * Model = Blackberry 3G CID1
    * Enable Error... = checked
    * Dial Mode = Wait for dial tone before dialing
    * Dialing = Tone
    * Sound = On


    * -All Blank-


    * -All Blank- (NetBIOS may be populated and disabled)


    * Configure Proxies = Using a PAC file


    * Settings = Session
    * Third, Fourth, Fifth and Seventh items checked. Redial 1 Time, and Wait 5 Seconds before redialing

    That's it. You are ready to tether.

    Enable Bluetooth on your phone, and then on the Mac. Click the modem icon from the menu bar, and select Connect Bluetooth. After a few seconds you should see a connection timer.
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    Oct 8, 2007
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    ** update **

    the pppd replacement isn't Snow Leopard compatible, so if you are using this mod for your Berry and smart, don't switch to SL unless willing to give up the tethering :( sigh, hopefully it updates once the NDA period ends for SL on release
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    sorry to revive this thread, but it seems that i've read this post a bit too late since i am now using SL.. is there any updates on how to tether a BB bold with a mac running SL? plus, the apn you stated above is used for timed browsing with smart.. i was informed that bis uses the apn blackberry.net..

    hopefully some can help us fix this..
  4. Dewdman42

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    Jan 25, 2011
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    did you ever get this figured out? I'd really like to tether my 9780 to SL. Is it really that hard? Is this an issue of paying for it? There is some kind of modem driver installed by the desktop software, will that do it somehow? Bluetooth?

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