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Discussion in 'OS X and OS X Apps' started by eixter, Sep 4, 2009.

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    got this from an E-mail. sorry if ever this topic has been repeated. just wanted to share to my fellow muggers.

    Report: Snow Leopard exposes Mac users to Flash flaw
    By Alex Goldman on September 2, 2009 6:24 PM

    Source: Apple
    Apple's latest operating system, Snow Leopard, which has otherwise garnered rave reviews, downgrades the version of Adobe Flash on a user's system, Graham Clueley, Sophos security expert, said in a blog post that contains a video of the reported action.
    That older version of Adobe Flash, version, is vulnerable to several attacks, including one caused in part by Microsoft.
    "The version you should be running is the latest version of Flash Player for Mac --," Cluley wrote.
    Even worse, Apple does not tell users about the software change, according to Cluley. "Mac users are not informed that Snow Leopard has downgraded their version of Flash without permission, and that they are now exposed to a raft of potential attacks and exploits which have been targeted on Adobe's software in recent months," he wrote.
    Representatives of Apple (and Adobe, which has only a peripheral role in this story) were not able to immediately respond to a request for comment.
    Adobe can help, according to Cluley. "If you're not sure which version of Adobe Flash you have on your computer (whatever operating system you use), take 30 seconds to visit their Web site. Adobe will not only tell you what version of Flash you are running, they will also tell you what version you should be running.
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    If you are on Snow Leopard already, this article might help. Grabe just a few days lang, meron na agad 10.6.1. Although this is only available to developers but it will arrive.

    Alleged first Snow Leopard OS X 10.6.1 details revealed

    By Sam Oliver
    Published: 09:25 PM EST

    Less than a week after Snow Leopard saw its official release, Apple has already supplied some developers with a beta of its first update, and supposed details are now beginning to come to light.

    According to information provided to The Boy Genius Report, Mac OS X 10.6.1 includes a number of minor compatibility, security and stability fixes. No timetable for release is available, though it's safe to assume it would likely be weeks rather than days. According to the tip, the current fixes, in documentation allegedly provided by Apple, include:

    -Compatibility with some Sierra Wireless 3G modems
    -An issue that might cause DVD playback to stop unexpectedly
    -Some printer compatibility drivers not appearing properly in the add printer browser
    -An issue that might make it difficult to remove an item from the Dock
    -Instances where automatic account setup in Mail might not work
    an issue where pressing cmd-opt-t in Mail brings up the special characters menu instead of moving a message
    -Motion 4 becoming unresponsive

    The build also updates Flash to version build 10B503 and is a 71.5MB download.

    Earlier Thursday, sources informed AppleInsider that the beta for Snow Leopard OS X 10.6.1 was provided to developers on Monday, Sept. 1, just four days after the software became publicly available. Those who received the betas earlier this week are part of a smaller, more exclusive group that traditionally operates on an invitation-only basis. That is unlike the Apple Developer Connection, which is open to all developers that pay the appropriate fees.

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    No biggie, I went back to adobe.com to re-install the latest Flash Player - took me 10 minutes to solve this little glitch.

    To check if it works, I played Dolphin Olympics. I discovered that Flash works, but I sucked at the game.
  5. chetiboy

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    at least flash is something that can easily be upgraded on your own
  6. seabournlegend

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    Nagasaki, JP
    I always make it a habit (from Windows) to download and install the latest Abdobe Flash prior to using the Firefox (from Win) and Safari (Mac).

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