Terms of Service and Rules

Welcome to PhilMUG.ph! While registration here is free, it is imperative that you abide by our rules and policies. You must agree to all of them in order to participate in our Forum.

To get you started, here are the PhilMUG Rules in a nutshell. A more comprehensive set will be provided later on. Ignorance of the Rules is not an excuse.

1. PhilMUG membership is a privilege, not a right. As such, it can be revoked any time by the Board or Moderators if you violate the Rules. We run a very tight ship. You have been duly-informed.

2. Be respectful and helpful and you shall be treated likewise. Flame, troll, stalk, harass, discriminate, insult, swear at anyone, and the like, and you're out of here. Keep your posts and links clean and decent. Same goes with your username, user title, avatar, signature, and whatever Private Message you send.

3. PhilMUG is primarily a Mac-users group, though we have branched out to other Apple products. Keep discussions Mac- or Apple-related. Discussions on topics other than these two are welcome but should be kept at a minimum. Topics concerning race, religion, and politics are not encouraged here as they usually prove contentious.

4. Discussions/Queries/Offers/Links related to hacking, piracy, porn, cracks, EULA / SLA violations, and the like, are not allowed in this Forum. This covers iOS/OS/watchOS, apps, audio, video, books, and other content and services. iOS/OS/watchOS Beta discussions, except those pertaining to features readily-made public by Apple and other legitimate entities, are also not allowed. In some cases, the moderators reserve the right to decide on where to draw the line. Counterfeit goods, products that violate copyright or intellectual property laws, and plagiarism are also not welcome here.

5. Spammers will be banned immediately. Unsolicited ads, dubious links, schemes, and unwarranted surveys are not allowed here.

6. No post-padding. We value quality over quantity when it comes to posts. Don't treat this Forum like your "wall", blog, photo gallery, or chat room, as well. And while you're here, no text-speak and other hard-to-read lingo (jejemon, bekimon, et. al.), as a courtesy to all members and the English or Filipino language.

7. Keep the boards neat and tidy. Use the SEARCH function. Make those thread titles as clear as possible and under the proper forum category. No double-posting, duplicate threads, bumping, hijacking, and unnecessary comments.

8. Marketplace access is another privilege one must earn. You need a membership age of 3 months AND a contribution of 30 quality posts to earn it and you must follow all Marketplace Rules in order to maintain it. Selling outside the Marketplace is not allowed. Joining PhilMUG just to sell stuff (or to get a bargain from members or Resellers) is a no-no. Seriously, don't be that guy. The Marketplace is here for community selling; not as a place of business or profit.

9. An Infraction Points System is used by the Staff in upholding the Rules. Acquire enough points and you may have your account suspended or banned. The PhilMUG Staff will always strive for the fairest and best decisions, as guided by the Rules. Do not badger, confront, or argue with any member of the Staff, which is composed of Board Members and Moderators. All PhilMUG Staff decisions are final.

10. Your post, your responsibility. PhilMUG, its Board, and its Moderators will not be held liable for any legal issues that may arise from your post/s. The Staff reserves the right to flag and remove any questionable or objectionable post/s and to cooperate with the proper authorities, if need be.

These terms may be changed at any time without notice.

If you do not agree with these terms, please do not register or use this Service. If you wish to close your account, please contact us.

Lastly, we are here to enjoy the Forum, to learn from one another, and to help each other out as a community of Apple-users. These Rules are in place to maintain the standards and good reputation of PhilMUG as a premier Apple-users group. These have been formulated with the best interests of the whole community in mind.

Thank you and we'll see you in the Forum!

- The PhilMUG Apple Users Group, Inc. Board and Moderators

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    Since the mid-1990s, PhilMUG (formerly the Philippine Macintosh Users Group) has grown to become not just the Philippines’ but one of the world’s foremost Apple user groups. Our online community brings together thousands of members from the Philippines and around the world for the latest news and discussions covering all Apple products and related hardware and software. Anyone can join PhilMUG, from newbies to experts, subject to our membership rules and guidelines.
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