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  1. where in the world... (great places you've visited/would like to visit)
  2. MERGED: The Boracay thread
  3. travelling to batanes
  4. The 'Going to Baguio' Thread (merged)
  5. The Hong Kong thread
  6. Planning a Vacation in Subic...any tips?
  7. The Macau thread
  8. Must-do's in Bangkok
  9. Must see places in Japan?
  10. Bali, Indonesia
  11. MERGED: Where to go in Vietnam /HCMC/saigon travel tips?
  12. Cheapest way to go to Europe?
  13. Hiring a taxi going from Metro Manila to NAIA
  14. Singapore Travel Tips
  15. Traveling to Korea :)
  16. Can I drive in the US with my Philippine license?
  17. online US visa application from may 24 onwards
  18. Uk visa
  19. Palawan Tips and Suggestions
  20. Passport Issuing and DFA: Are we moving backwards?
  21. UNForgettable Food Resto in HK and Macau?
  22. tips for taipei
  23. Customs Tax (US / Philippines)
  24. winter in beijing for P888 on CP promo
  25. Sagada
  26. the world's best airports and airlines
  27. Cebu Pacific fare is not cheap as they advertise
  28. hotel and airline booking websites, travel agencies
  29. Working in Dubai - the real score
  30. prepaid data sim in USA for ipad
  31. Where to spend Christmas-New Year :)
  32. Tagaytay Thread 2.0
  33. Puerto Galera suggestions
  34. Must Do and See in Kuala Lampur
  35. suggestion for a quiet and relaxed beach vacation?
  36. Good Boracay Hotel Under P3k per night?
  37. Cebu Pacific Seat Sale Promo 2011
  38. Cruise Suugestion
  39. Safari Problem: Filling US Visa Form DS-160
  40. US embassy interview: what to wear; what to do
  41. Where to buy supplies for milktea business in taiwan?
  42. Post free trips here!
  43. What to do in The Big Apple?
  44. Dos Palmas Palawan 3d 2n
  45. Travel by land (Manila-Davao-Manila)
  46. Traveling to and within the US (was US trip)
  47. Budget Airlines Redefine Traveling by Air
  48. What to do in Florida
  49. Any mugger from Subic?
  50. Star Cruises
  51. Travel to Baler (Aurora)
  52. what's a safe lag time for the connecting flight upon landing in LA
  53. Tips/advice: Traveling alone for the first time
  54. off to italy (perugia)
  55. Hotel Recommendations for Osaka
  56. Minors Travelling Unaccompanied by Parents
  57. US Trip: prepaid SIMs inquiry
  58. Manila tours
  59. NAIA Worst Airport in the World 2011 and 2013
  60. CEBU Travel Tips 2011
  61. Siem Reap - Ankor Wat
  62. Hotels in Kyoto?
  63. River Cruise in Dagupan
  64. Boracay for only Php4,400 (full board, airport transfer and boat transfer)
  65. Must-have Gadgets when in NYC
  66. London Recommendations: Hotels, Places, Things to do...
  67. Extended Stay in NY: Cheap place to stay in?
  68. Best Restaurants in NYC
  69. Cheap Subic Accomodations
  70. International calling/texting (PH to US)
  71. Caliraya
  72. HELP: Applying for visas as a work-at-home professinal.
  73. My Life As An Undocumented Immigrant
  74. Cheap ways to call the Philippines from the US?
  75. WOW Philippines!
  76. Tagaytay Highlands accommodation... for real or just a scam?
  77. Cebu Trip
  78. any tips for dipolog/dapitan?
  79. Mac Support Opportunity in Bermuda
  80. The US visa thread (applications, renewals, etc.)
  81. prepaid sim in europe
  82. Travel tips for Malaysia - Singapore
  83. Philippine Travel Mart
  84. PAL's Fly Pinas Pass!
  85. Need suggestion for a beach resort in Batangas
  86. Cheapest way to communicate on mobile with someone in the UK?
  87. Clark Angeles Pampanga Accommodations
  88. Tips/Advice: Living and Working in NYC
  89. long weekend vacation
  90. tips for going on a cruise
  91. Pilgrimages
  92. Good Hotels in QC
  93. Outlet Stores in Malaysia
  94. China - Beijing or Shanghai?
  95. manila quick getaway
  96. hotel in palawan
  97. Taiwan
  98. Apulit or Miniloc Palawan
  99. The City of Paris
  100. Mabuhay Magazine Online Issue
  101. Palawan Trip - El Nido - Underground River
  102. Travelling to Guangzhou, China
  103. Traveling Around the Philippines: Must See Places!
  104. First Time with Airline
  105. denied italian visa
  106. Trying to Get There...
  107. Italian Schengen Visa
  108. St. Petersburg Travel Tips
  109. Travel-Related Good News
  110. Bohol
  111. Melbourne: To-Do & To-See
  112. US prepaid wireless internet
  113. Affordable Beaches/ Resorts
  114. Visa-Free Travel for Filipinos!
  115. FAA team to review CAAP this January 2012
  116. 3 day school trip for a 10 year old - bicol
  117. Puning Hot Springs
  118. Easiest wat to get to Clark Airport (DMIA)
  119. What to do at Clark?
  120. Traveling to Shanghai China
  121. US Visa Processing Time
  122. AirAsia Philippines
  123. Traveling Alone
  124. Question to family with more than one kids
  125. Visiting Sydney, Australia
  126. Someone to rival Miriam
  127. Legazpi City
  128. Cheapest Airfare to New Zealand: Any tips?
  129. Trip to CDO
  130. Minimum connection time in LAX
  131. HK experience: Honest cabbie
  132. Get Paid to Travel
  133. Filipino Billboards in New York!
  134. Beach chic attire
  135. Trip to Davao & GenSan
  136. The new Disney Fantasy cruise ship
  137. Airline Bullying (from Facebook)
  138. Suggestions for hot springs in Laguna
  139. Roadtrip: Calaguas
  140. Self-driven Cars for Rent
  141. Scuba Diving
  142. Prepaid Sim Card in Europe
  143. getting travel insurance
  144. Off to Helsinki and Stockholm
  145. Great Singapore Sale
  146. How do we get the US Embassy interview schedule?
  147. Free KLM Luggage tags
  148. Suggestions please for a Los Angeles trip
  149. closest place to manila to ride a jetski?
  150. Issue with a purchase done abroad using your credit card
  151. Bacolod trip
  152. Going to Perth Australia
  153. Im also traveling to Bacolod.. will be there on the 7/28
  154. Travel Madness Expo 2012
  155. Has anyone tried Qatar Airways?
  156. Good travel agencies in the Philippines?
  157. PAL to deploy iPads on flights
  158. Calatagan Batangas
  159. Unli PAL Flights
  160. Where to take my cousin from the U.S.
  161. Travelling To Barcelona and Rome
  162. flights to caticlan
  163. LEGOLAND Malaysia!
  164. Subic thread
  165. Cagayan De Oro
  166. Get Paid to Travel the Philippines
  167. Great places for travel
  168. US visa application. tips anyone?
  169. hotel recommendations for nagoya/suzuka circuit japan
  170. where is a nice place to rent and ride tandem bikes?
  171. what to do/where to go around Pasay, Manila?
  172. Swimming Pool in Manila with Room Rentals
  173. Recommended Transportation to Isabela Province
  174. Weekend Family Bonding Suggestions? Resorts World vs Market Market vs Venice Piazza
  175. Ayala Triangle Dancing Lights Schedule for 2012
  176. Hotel Membership/Loyalty Cards
  177. Caution: Getting the Shenzhen instant 5 Day Visa
  178. Travelling to Baguio
  179. Dubai for three weeks
  180. The Airline Passenger Bill of Rights is out.
  181. Unlimited Internet (China)
  182. Baler, Aurora-Places to stay, see and eat
  183. Couchsurfing
  184. Hotels or Resorts near Punta Fuego & Canyon Cove
  185. How to get to Maldives?
  186. 2013 Travel Plans
  187. Pointers for sinulog festival
  188. What to do in Albay/Legaspi
  189. Travelling to Iceland and UK With Kids
  190. What to do in Hanoi?
  191. Euro disney on a budget
  192. San Jose California USA
  193. Will Airport charge me for bringing an Electronic Gadget?
  194. Mt Pinatubo
  195. China Visa
  196. Has anyone tried Angelyns Dive Resort in Puerto Galera?
  197. Mt. Apo
  198. How to go to Puerto Galera from Manila?
  199. Hawaii Travel Tips
  200. Sydney
  201. Akihabara - japan
  202. Italian Visa Please Help!
  203. Ilocos Trip (Norte and Sur)
  204. transit lead time for connecting flights
  205. Osaka Tips and Recos
  206. sim cards that are ipad compatible for wifi roaming in Europe
  208. Cebu Pacific Flight Number 5J 971 - June 2, 2013
  209. PH Disneyland?
  210. PAL In-Flight iPads and an Introduction
  211. Luggage Replacement Parts
  212. Google Maps and Manila: Transportation Lines
  213. Visa application for Japan
  214. Timeshare
  215. Malaga
  216. Going to the US for the first time
  217. In-flight Electronics Restrictions
  218. Phil Immigration Problem
  219. Baby-Friendly Places in the Philippines
  220. Leaving for the US on the 22nd
  221. commuting to tagaytay
  222. Shopping in Europe
  223. Our group was bumped off on our KLM flight from Amsterdam to Manila via Taipei
  224. Hotel Staycation in QC
  225. Affordable Hotel near NAIA
  226. London
  227. Online Travel Deals
  228. Exploring Helsinki in a day - any tips?
  229. Antipolo: what to do, what to visit, and where to stay overnight
  230. Great summer escape after college!
  231. How to migrate in Canada without any relatives/friends
  232. Airline Apps: What are the good ones?
  233. PAL now accepts GCASH AMEX
  234. Reliable KL and SG Pinoy Travel Package Provider
  235. Travel Expo 2014
  236. Bringing an iPad to Japan
  237. Traveling to Dubai
  238. shipping items to australia
  239. Guam
  240. Kota Kinabalu thread
  241. Question for New Parents based in Japan
  242. Eric Banes Travel Photography
  243. Budget for Traveling
  244. Best way to watch videos? (while on a vacation)
  245. Fastest and Cheapest way to get Visa for Dubai
  246. Where in the world can we buy the cheapest Rolex?
  247. Goin to brunei darussalam!
  248. Dinadiawan, Aurora
  249. Mount Pinatubo
  250. Hotel in Manila