I bought a USB-IrDA Adapter from CD-R King recently with the hopes that it would work just fine on my MBP running 10.5.6 but it does not seem to be detected. Here's the situation:

I need IrDA so I can get my Dive Computer (UWATEC Aladin Tec2G) and JTrak software to speak to each other. This is so I can download my dive profiles to the MBP. It seems that IrDA is no longer supported on the OS X.

I'm trying this solution: Run Parallels 4.0 and WinXP SP2, install Smart Trak software to get the same result as above. However, it does not work either. IrDA is not detected. When I install new hardware on XP (in Parallels) i can't even get the drivers to install. Well, I don't even understand exactly how Parallels works or handles hardware and drivers so, I'm at a loss.

Has anyone tried this under Boot Camp? Or does anyone have a solution to this?

The IrDA Adapter works fine and is detected immediately on a PC running XP so I know the unit functions properly. The IrDA chipset is from SigmaTel.

Thanks folks. I hope you can help. I know a few people who hope to find a solution to this.