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External Back-up of iPad / iPhone / iPod

This is a discussion on External Back-up of iPad / iPhone / iPod within the iOS & iOS Apps forums, part of the Software MUG - Troubleshooting and Discussion category; Originally Posted by berrybianka This is exactly the same link I found earlier and was afraid to modify anything. Now ...

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    Default Re: External Back-up of iPad / iPhone / iPod

    Quote Originally Posted by berrybianka View Post
    This is exactly the same link I found earlier and was afraid to modify anything. Now that you've tried it, I have more courage!

    May I request for the specific command line you used? Screenshots would help if it's not too much to ask
    When I first tried it, it gave me a file not found message. I read the comments and slowly found out how to do the correct command.

    I'll try to recreate it. (Sorry can't do screenshots)

    1. Copy the backup folder from ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/ to your external drive. Put it under a folder like iosbackup so the destination would be like ~/External Drive/iosbackup/backup/
    2. Rename the current backup folder to something else like backup1.
    3. Open Terminal and type the following command "ln -s" without the quotes. Put a space after the s. Don't press enter yet.
    4. Open finder and find the destination which is ~/External Drive/iosbackup/backup/ and drag it to terminal. This will ensure that the address of the directory is correct. Now put a space.
    5. Open finder and find the /Library/Application Support/MobileSync/ and drag it to terminal.
    6. Next is add "/backup/" without the quotes and press enter.
    7. Check the mobilesync folder. There should be a new backup folder there. When you open it, there should be an alias there.

    I'm not well versed in terminal or commands and stuff but what I understand is this alias is what is called a symbolic link. Basically, when itunes look for the backup folder, it will find this alias and will be redirected to the folder we created in the external hard disk.

    Now to test if it is working. I'm sure you have backups. Open itunes/preference/devices. Your backups should appear here. If not, there is something wrong with the address you put in terminal. You can easily delete the backup folder with the alias and start over.

    If in case you change your mind, you can delete the backup folder with the alias and copy the backup folder back to the original location.

    Hope my instructions are clear. Do post your questions and I'll try to answer.

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    Default Re: External Back-up of iPad / iPhone / iPod

    Hi. Have an issue with backing up on my Mac and external drive. I still have around 60 GB left on my Mac. However, when I back up, it says there is no more space left on my drive. I tried transferring my backups to my external drive and was able to do it. My external drive still has 600+GB left. However, I am still getting that message saying there is no more space left on my drive. Would anyone know how to resolve this? Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: External Back-up of iPad / iPhone / iPod

    This thread was started April 2012...

    Finally, Sony has an answer...

    (from Engadget)

    Sony's Personal Content Station uses NFC for mobile backups, aims for April release in Japan

    Sony's Personal Content Station (aka the "LLS-201") has just been pegged with an April 30th release date in Japan -- that's a good month before it's set to reach the States. The $299, 1TB drive uses NFC for quick pairing with Android phones and tablets, followed by an app for managing the actual backups over WiFi. If you're using a non-NFC device like an iPhone or a Sony WiFi camera, then worry not -- it's possible to achieve the same results using WiFi alone, and you can also use an SD card or USB to get data across. Other notables include a built-in video transcoder that automatically creates mobile-friendly MP4 versions from stored AVCHD files, plus an HDMI port for playback on a TV.

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    Default Re: External Back-up of iPad / iPhone / iPod

    As we know, every time you sync iDevice with iTunes, it will automatically make a backup of your iDevice contents including photos, SMS, reminders, contacts and more. Therefore, as long as you have ever synced your iPhone iPad iPod with iTunes, you can recover deleted data from iPhone.
    Do not connect your iPhone to iTunes again until the data are recovered with iPhone backup extractor. Otherwise, the old backup file will be overwritten by the current content on your iPhone. Once it happens, the deleted data will be gone forever.
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