Transfer data(photos) from iPhone to iPhone

Discussion in 'General iOS' started by sher_amf, Nov 17, 2014.

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    I recently migrated to Google Photos. All my photos in my old iPhone + my entire 80k(!!!) personal photo library into Google Photos so I have access to everything on the iPhone X on demand. Uploading took a while but it's definitely worth it. The original photos are kept in an external drive's folder that's constantly synced to Google Photos.

    Offline solution -- you can do an iTunes backup of your old phone and restore from that backup to the new iPhone (apps, photos and all)..

    On Airdrop -- tried this but you can only select and airdrop x files (how many, i dont know, any ideas?) at any given time.
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    It appears that iCloud has been restoring an old back up of my photos, some of which are already deleted in my old phone.

    Why? I already made 2 new back ups after that. My new phone settings has been restored well and up to date but the photos that were restored were old version of my library.

    Can someone help me with this?

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