The Headphones Thread

Discussion in 'Musicians and DJs' started by macxchange, Mar 14, 2007.

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    Melbourne, AU
    tested a stax L700 over the weekend (with a 353 amp). fell inlove with the sound... the build, not so much...

    my $250 BW P5 is built 20x better than that piece of plastic crap
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    Last na talaga ito, I promise...



    The second picture's the reason why I got a pair of CIEMs in the first place (and sold my then-UM3X to fund said purchase): I've got a weird left ear! :ROFLMAO: If I use the same eartip for my left ear, I get channel imbalance. Initially, I thought I had a busted pair. Good thing, the package comes with a variety of Westone "Star Foam Tips" that you can mix and match. And I agree with online feedback on these tips: Wearing them feels like having your own pair of custom sleeves! :)

    Another feedback on them Westone UM30 Pro Gen 2: They're wickedly small to fit three (3) BA drivers! Granted, it's just a mix of CI and TWFK drivers but still! :eek:
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    And THIS demonstrates why I don't engage in futile debates about "best headphones/sound system":

    And it is also why I dislike the sanctimonious (political, intellectual, aesthetic, etc.), as if their view alone encapsulates reality/whole truth. :D
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    Jun 8, 2008
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