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Discussion in 'Power Mac Center' started by filiusdei, Apr 9, 2008.

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    Few months back, my wife's iphone 6+ (not under warranty anymore) won't charge so she brought it to Power Mac Greenhills
    She was told that its unrepairable and can avail of replacement worth P20000+ (they will get old phone and replace a new one) which we did not avail.
    upload_2017-9-1_14-39-56.png upload_2017-9-1_14-40-49.png
    The next day I bought her a new phone. Then after a few days, brought the "damaged" iphone to a mall to fix. The technician updated his computer's itunes and charged my phone. It charged and is functioning well until now.
    I called Power Mac. They told me they saw watermark inside and as per Apple procedure, they consider the unit damaged.
    Upon insisting, I was able to get reports, pictures and emails that proved of their shortcomings.
    I also contacted Apple Singapore and even they admitted Power Mac should have done more. They even send me a free mug to apologize. upload_2017-9-1_14-38-43.png
    In the end, Power Mac still insisted that they are just following procedure. They would not even return the measly diagnostic fee.

    Now, the following are my observation and tips to readers in this forum:
    a. Power Mac is not a service center. What they can do it update the software, help you do settings (which you are not familiar with), diagnose to know the type of error. They can open unit just for physical check-up. They don't do beyond what is written in their service manual - meaning they do not need to use common sense. So whenever they made a mistake, they blame it on Apple Procedure - which as per Apple Singapore, is wrong.
    b. Apple Singapore (which oversees the region) can only give advice. They have no control on resellers decisions or mistakes. They mediate but final decision is on the reseller.
    c. Power Mac is not afraid of poor service reputation. Good thing Apple is a 99.9% quality brand. The 0.1% complaint will not affect their sales.
    d. Many people are blinded to their good service. In reality, Apple Singapore allows unit replacement under warranty - there is no sweat in making this decision. You will receive a replacement unit which you don't realize is a fixed unit also from another customer in other region.
    e. Advice from Power Mac cannot be totally trusted. Look for a second opinion
    Google "Find a local Apple Authorized Service Provider". This will bring to Apple Philippines Website. The site will tell you to log in using your Apple ID before it wil bring you to the list of service centers.
    Note that as long as you bought your product from an authorized seller, you can have it fixed by any authorized reseller in the country
    f. The government agency handling Cellphone issues is the NTC as per DTI website. They can only mediate but have no power over these stores. So don't waste your time.

    Below are some post that is very similar to my issue. Looking at the dates of the post, Power Mac has become expert in blaming Apple procedures for their shortcomings.
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